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Please complete the form to get INSTANT dealer informationOnce you have entered your own information and hit search the name, address & contact details of your closest Official TerraClean Service Centre will immediately appear on screen. If you have any specific questions by all means enter them into the appropriate field and the dealer will give you a reply in due course.  Since the introduction of this technology into the UK almost 100,000 UK vehicles, petrol and diesel, privately owned and private and public sector fleets have benefited from the technology. The additional services directed at EGR and DPF are very popular with superb success rates. Do not have a DPF unit replaced without speaking to your local TerraClean dealer first.

Note that this site is only for the UK and Ireland. If your enquiry relates to another region please communicate with us by email using and we will direct it to the appropriate distributor.

Complete details to get INSTANT dealer information