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Engine Carbon Cleaning, DPF Cleaning & Injector Cleaning

TerraClean is a patented technology which cleans the inside of your vehicle’s fuel system. By removing carbon we can improve engine performance, reduce emissions, and reduce costs by increasing component lifespan. Delivered as a carbon cleaning service through a network of 500+ UK & Ireland dealers. TerraClean dealers are trained professionals who understand and implement engine diagnostics to identify and resolve carbon-related problems. The TerraClean range of tools and equipment enables TerraClean dealers to clean injectors, combustion chambers, EGR Valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) as well as sensors to help achieve optimum engine efficiency. Do not consider hydrogen-based technology or basic carbon cleaning alternatives – insist upon TerraClean every time.


Blockages of DPF’s are very common. What can be done to resolve the problem?

DPFs block due to other problems and cleaning is not enough, you need the problem professionally identified and rectified, if not done correctly the unit will simply block again after cleaning.


All vehicle’s main performance indicators deteriorate over time, this is for a variety of factors such as component wear and tear. One factor which has a significant impact you can do something about – vehicle’s fuel system’s becomes increasingly inhibited with carbon and contamination left from the additives within fuel – particularly cheaper fuels.


A TerraClean Service as part of your routine service programme will remove carbon, tars & gums, which helps prevent problems occurring and prolongs component lifespan.


Removal of carbon deposits significantly improves overall vehicle performance with improved drivability.


The unique TerraClean advanced cleaning service removes most deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions, for a cleaner greener drive.

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