TerraClean How It Works

The Scientific Explanation

We have offered a simplified version of how TerraClean works – but we also like to give a full, in-depth explanation for those that want one!

So how is TerraClean different?

TerraClean differs from alternative carbon cleaning solutions because it uses a very highly-refined fuel on which the vehicle being cleaned is run. The fuel is supplied via one patented TerraClean decarbonising equipment.

All petrol engines build up unwanted deposits in key areas over time. Carbon will build up around the combustion chambers, exhaust ports, catalytic converters (cat) and lambda sensors, while gums, tars and varnishes will build up on the injection systems.

These contaminants have a negative effect on your engine’s efficiency, reducing MPG and power, and increasing emissions.

TerraClean can remove most of these deposits, leaving your vehicle running close to its optimum level once more.

Why do engines need to be carbon cleaned?

Petrol is made up of two core components: aromatic fuel and aliphatic fuel. These are necessary to allow the fuel to achieve an optimum combustion rate and achieve optimum power.

Aliphatic fuel burns very easily and combusts almost completely, leaving little or no carbon deposits behind in the combustion chambers. However, it creates very little power, so it is blended with powerful aromatic fuel.

Unfortunately, aromatic fuel does not combust completely, leaving a high concentration of hydrocarbons after combustion which are then transformed to hard carbon deposits within the engine system. These form in the combustion chambers, exhaust ports, cats and lambda sensors, affecting engine performance.

It gets worse: with time, the inlet valves and ports on manifold injection engines, fuel injectors on all engines and fuel pressure regulators suffer from a build-up of tars, gums and varnishes.

How does a TerraClean service work?

It is important to note how and why a TerraClean service is different from any other engine/injector cleaning service.

TerraClean is the only service that has two stages of cleaning:

Stage 1

TerraClean cleans the injection system and, where relevant, the inlet valves to restore functionality to injectors and the fuel pressure regulator. This results in improved fuel pressure, timing and atomisation.

On manifold-injected engines, TerraClean will also remove sticky deposits from the inlet valves to allow improved flow of fuel vapour into the engine, resulting in a cleaner fuel burn.

Stage 2

The second stage of the process uses only aliphatic fuel and is where the strength of the patented TerraClean technology comes into play.

This highly-refined fuel passes through the TerraClean machine and goes through a process called “coulombic fractionation”.

It is given a passive negative electrical charge which breaks down the molecular structure of the fuel even further, turning it from a liquid to a vapour.

As the carbon found in the combustion chambers, exhaust, cat and lambda sensors has a natural positive electrical charge, the fuel and subsequent exhaust gases are attracted to it.

This then turns the carbon into carbon dioxide, which exits through the exhaust tail pipe.

The TerraClean end result

The end result of a TerraClean is cleaner combustion chambers, exhaust, cats and lambda sensors.

This allows the ECU (the vehicle’s central processing unit) to react faster to fuel mixture changes and adjust fuel and ignition timing to suit.

Your engine will be more efficient, have better throttle response, run more smoothly and quietly and have improved emissions and mpg.

Can TerraClean help diesel engines?

The patented TerraClean technology used for diesel engines is slightly different, but the outcomes are the same.

Your engine will be run on our unique fuel to clean both pre- and post-combustion, providing all the same benefits.

The TerraClean system will also clean through both Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems and Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs), where fitted, providing there is adequate air flow.

Where there is severely restricted flow (ie if a DPF is blocked – an increasingly common problem) there are DPF cleaning services available within the TerraClean family of solutions to address those problems.

Results vary according to ago, make and model of vehicle.

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