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Land Rover Freelander

“Purchased my Terraclean diesel de-carbonising treatment today and whilst driving back had to check I was driving the same Land Rover Freelander. Engine response, tick over, power available were enhanced beyond words and with the auto gearbox service, it truly feels like a different car. Enhanced by nice people who really do want to help at D&K Autos, Whetstone, Leicester”
Posted By : James Fairlie

Improvement of the Morning

“I won a free TerraClean for my car on Facebook. Went through today and a lovely guy called James Price done the TerraClean for me. Also went on the rolling road by ‘JM imports’ before and after the TerraClean and the guys described my car as ‘improvement of the morning! The change in the power etc. is unreal! I had a before and after emissions done through ‘Galltec Automotive Ltd’ and they could see the difference straight away. I would highly recommend this service to anyone, and customer service was second to none!! Excellent day even though the weather was rubbish. Thankyou soo much!!”
Posted By : Amy Hamilton

Brilliant Results

“Won free TerraClean of Facebooks competition Thanks. Just had my car Terracleaned brilliant results improved response ,bhp , like to say excellent service great bunch of guys very helpful , Would definitely recommend getting this done , top job Thanks.”
Posted By : Richard Coombes

Fab Service

“Won a free TerraClean from a Facebook competition and had it done today! Immediately I could see and hear a difference and the technician was fantastic and explained the whole process so even I could understand it! Had a great hour chat about the btcc while I waited too! All in all a fab experience and will continue to have this process done again! Well done to all the guys at the competition day you were all fab and kept everyone entertained! Highly recommended.”
Posted By : Stacey Bourn

Superb Service

“Won a TerraClean service today, superb service made a difference in performance & engine noise, looking forward to better mpg, engineer was superb explained the process. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
Posted By : Steve Smith

Defo Recommend

“Won a free TerraClean.
Had it done this morning and already noticing the changes
Smashing bunch of lads everything was explained about what was happening during the service.
Would definitely recommend
Thanks TerraClean”

Posted By : James Rose

Vauxhall Astra

“Won a free TerraClean on Facebook. The difference in my car is amazing! For a 16yr old Astra it’s never ran better! I would definitely recommend people to try this with their car!”
Posted By : Emma Chambers

VW Passat

“Fantastic results with my 57 plate 2.0 TDI Passat, 130,000 miles on the clock. It was blowing excessive black smoke under heavy acceleration, overtaking etc on motorways. Pre TerraClean my car actually failed the emissions test. After the clean, the engine was a lot quieter and smoother; and the engine had a lot more torque. The black smoke was practically eliminated and my emissions were halved, to legal levels to pass MOT. Thank you so much to the team @TerraClean.”
Posted By : Gavin Down

Diesel Dodge

“Would highly recommend TerraClean, it has definitely made my diesel Dodge more responsive, quieter & smoother. I have no doubt it will also increase mpg as I have experienced this a few years back when I had a petrol civic Terracleaned”
Posted By : Craig Arkley

More Responsive

“Was lucky enough to receive a free TerraClean, was a little sceptical at first but absolutely amazed at the difference it has made to my car. It is more responsive, quieter running and smoother than before. Too early to tell if it helps my miles to the gallon, but I am sure it will. Great set of guys. Thanks to David Henderson and the rest of the team.”
Posted By : Paul McDade

Fantastic Product

“Had my pickup terra cleaned over the weekend and it’s made a world of difference to the truck. Can’t recommend highly enough!!! Fantastic product and great service.”
Posted By : Christopher Moulding

Car Feels Alive

“Car feels more alive, more throttle response, quieter engine noise, had a TerraClean done on an old car and got it done on the car now, would recommend to anyone and doubt the people who says it does nothing. Thankyou TerraClean.”
Posted By : Andrew Race

Mercedes CLS350

“I had my CLS 350 cleaned at the weekend and i have to say it’s made a huge difference to the drive, it’s much more responsive, quieter and smoother well done guys it’s a great product.”
Posted By : Dave Kirkpatrick

Vauxhall Insignia 170,000 miles

“I was lucky enough to be selected for the free TerraClean event. I was sceptical but the dyno and emissions results speak for themselves my 170k mile insignia runs so more smoothly the hesitate flat spot is gone I’d certainly recommend the service.”
Posted By : Stephen Veitch

Alfa Romeo MiTo

“I had my Alfa Romeo MiTo Cloverleaf (the 170 bhp 1.4 petrol Multiair turbo) Terracleaned on Saturday. The mechanic explained fully the process, and told me what he was doing as he did it. Whole thing took about half an hour. After completing, I could feel a reduction in the lag and slightly smoother acceleration. The car is 7 years old and the previous owner was an older guy who I doubt opened it up much so I suspect there was some coming up taken place. I’d recommend TerraClean especially if your car is a few years old and you want to get it back to factory performance and economy.”
Posted By : James Ashberry

Ford Mondeo TDCi

“I have a Ford Mondeo 09 TDCI which failed its MoT emissions test, the plated value reading was 0.83 (m-1) and the pass for my car was 0.50. The garage suggested I give it a full service and by changing the air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, change the oil and pay for an engine flush that may be good enough to reduce the emissions enough to pass the re-test. My car had a full service 18 months ago and only done 4,000 miles since so I decided I was not going to pay the car to be serviced. I then called Terraclean who put me through to Tim who covers the Plymouth area and discussed the emissions failure with him, he put my mind at ease and said he was fully confident a terraclean would do the job. He arrived at my house and was very informative about the process and started the Terraclean, I couldn’t believe the amount of black smoke that came out of the exhaust, the process lasted about an hour. After the procedure Tim said to me I needed to drive the car for a while and all should be well. When I drove the car the next day I instantly felt the difference in acceleration and performance it was driving like new I was very pleased, on the afternoon of my MoT re-test I drove the car for about 20 miles on a duel carriageway at first in 3rd gear sitting at about 3,000 rpm just to make sure any carbon residue or grime that the Terraclean had removed off the injectors and pumps was flushed out of the exhaust. I then took it for the re-test and my car passed with a reading of 0.4 (m-1) that was down by 0.43 (m-1) over double from the initial MoT. Job done at half the cost of a service, Tim recommended because I only use my car in and around town and very rarely do more than 10 miles a day I should drive it on a duel carriageway at least once a week and have my car Terracleaned every 12 months to ensure optimal performance and help keep my emissions low this is good advice. I have been so impressed with Terraclean I will definitely get this procedure done prior to my MoT next year I’m a very happy customer.”
Posted By : Mark Boggett

Citroen DS3 Sport

“Terraclean is fantastic i had it done on my ds3 sport and it made a massive difference well worth the money.”
Posted By : Rob

Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6 155bhp THP Petrol

“Had car cleaned at Barnsley as it was getting so unpredictable on throttle response that it has nearly been rear ended a couple of times when it just cut out. So much better now, although it still has the famous Citroen EGS gearbox to hold it back, even that seems happier now it knows what to expect. OK maybe not the best gearbox but BMW have a lot to explain.

The Munich Masters of Technology should be shot. Citroen did their own light pressure turbo on the XM in the 90’s and it worked, well, for a long time. OK, some of the other bits of the car were not so great…

So if you have a Prince engine with no obvious disintegrating parts like the timing chain, Terraclean seems to fix it and the staff at the Barnsley branch were incredibly helpful, rare in itself these days.”

Posted By : Peter Crosland

Zafira Diesel

“I had my car Terracleaned by JP AUTOTECHNICS Ltd. It has made one hell of a difference to my my 13 year old Zafira 2 litre diesel. I find it starts better and it certainly runs better and the MPG is definitely better. My car used to discharge smoke on starting from cold but now it only discharges a very small amount of smoke that is well within the regulations. I am very impressed and would like to thank JP AUTOTECHNICS for all the pre advice that I was given. I could recommend this company to anyone.”
Posted By : Leonard Acklam

Smoother Engine

“Got my car done 3 weeks ago,fantastic results,smoother engine,more responsive on throttle and definitely more mpg,well worth getting process done.”
Posted By : Kevin Stuart

Land Rover 90 (1984)

“Had my Land Rover 90 (1984) terracleaned, results are great! The car has more power and is so much smoother to drive, along with zero smoke! The car gets to temperature quicker and runs quieter. Super pleased with the results! With a smoother engine comes less rattle from the cab, my ears are very thankful. Excerlant service, and would def recommend to others. Thank you.”
Posted By : Simon White

Fiat Doblo 1.3

“I had a TerraClean on my 1.3mjet fiat doblo 135k a while back, the change was incredible. Smoother start, quieter running, about 10% better fuel economy, engine got stronger. Will take my present car too.”
Posted By : Csaba Foldvari

It Proved Me Wrong

“I bought my car 4 months ago (10 years old) and it’s been serviced by Main dealer it’s whole life on time I had my car terra cleaned not long ago and it’s definitely made a difference all the way through the Rev range and big difference low end range plus it’s noticeable quieter on idle my engine is direct injection so had the extra bit done too so the bits where the fuel don’t touch got a clean, I was sceptical like most but I was proved wrong it’s a great service.”
Posted By : Lee Barnes

Honda Accord 2009 i-DTEC ES GT

“Just had the Terraclean treatment. Spot on. IMMEDIATELY NOTICEABLE improvement in MPG, quietness at idle, quietness when driving, smoother power delivery. They say you buy the person and not the product. I’d already researched the effectiveness of Terraclean – & the guys at Merlin were friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. I will certainly be using them again. Thank you.”
Posted By : Chris Sadler

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 260 Euro

“My Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 failed the MOT emissions test with a co of 0.67 when the limit is to be below co 0.20. Using Wynn’s Emission Reducer poured into the fuel tank,the co reduced by over 50% to co 0.31 which was still a failure as it was above the co 0.20 limit. Had a Terraclean system clean done,and the co dropped from co 0.28 before the clean,to co 0.05 after the clean!.What a result,the car passing the MOT with emissions equalling a new car. Many Thanks.”
Posted By : Allan Thomson

VolvoC30 R 2.4 Auto Triptronic

“My second engine treatment, after chatting to Martin at your head office I was recommended to try GR8 Motors LTD in Slough , I sent an email and was asked could I drop in to day said yes, On arrival I was shown where the office was with hot drinks etc, I kept popping into the workshop to see how the chap was getting on all good, the total operation took around one hour on completion the car was facing the right way out for me just to drive out, at all times I was feeling reassured by the manger the garage is a very professional setup and all the staff are the same , on the way home on the motorway I could feel the engine was more responsive very good job guys thanks.”
Posted By : Ian Milne

Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi Titanium (2010)

“I had a Terraclean carried out on my 60 plate Ford Fiesta 1.4TDCi (with 72.5k miles on the clock) a few weeks ago, and what a transformation it has made. The engine has over the past year got rougher and rougher, with a slight drop in fuel economy and power. Although it passed its recent MOT without anything coming up on the diagnostic machine, I knew something wasn’t right. The engine now runs like it was new again. Power and fuel economy, and even refinement, are all back up. Would highly recommend for any diesel engine car.”
Posted By : Stuart Haig

2006 Subaru Impreza WRX

“This is the second time I’ve had this car Terracleaned. The first time was just to keep it healthy after purchasing it with 35k on the clock, but 5 years and 50k later it failed emissions with a CO reading of 2.86 (max limit is 0.20)! The Lambda reading also failed, although the HC wasn’t bad. Oh dear. The dealership advised a new lambda sensor or a new cat (both hideously expensive), so instead I got on the blower to Andy at Lakes Window Tints in Kendal for another Terraclean. Not only did it sail through emissions with 0.18 CO, but it instantly felt more powerful, more responsive and smoother through the rev range. Can’t recommend enough!”
Posted By : Mr A Jackson

BMW 530i

“I had my 2005 BMW 530i cleaned using Terraclean in March this year, as I noticed the MOT emmisions were showing that the HC content was running at 164ppm and the limit is 200ppm. The car had done 134,000 miles and was running ok but fuel consumption was not as good as it used to be. After the clean the performance expecially at low revs was much better with noticably more torque. The engine is much quieter and smoother. The HC value was crushed and it is now down to 13ppm! The CO level also dropped by 30%. The fuel consumption is much better and is 3 to 5 mpg better than it was. I would highly recommend Terraclean to anyone as it really works.”
Posted By : Dennis Staines


“Mark Clark has been brilliant and went above and beyond to help fix the problem with my Audi. Excellent service provided, reliable and no hidden costs Would definitely recommend and use again if needed in the future Thank you Mark!”
Posted By : Kevin Elkington


“Just had our trusty VW T5 1.9 TDI Terracleaned by Jason Kerridge at Kimberly Motors in London Colney, I must say even though the idea made sense like a good old fashioned de-coke I was very sceptical, I just done a 500 mile round trip and she ran like an absolute dream, even the engine is quieter, on the motorway she just purred like a kitten and I’m sure I got another 50 miles to my tank full, I’ll be having the rest of our Vehicles done now.”
Posted By : Richard

Ford Focus 05 2.0L Diesel

“I am well impressed with terraclean. Had my Ford focus 2.0 Diesel 05 plate done today (128,000 Miles). As soon as I left CMS in Redditch I felt an instant difference in throttle response and all round my car is more powerful now all through the revs. Fuel consumption was 43.4 round town before test (which I think is good) after restarting mpg on trip computer and going for 21 miles drive I’m now running 55-60 mpg. This will probably reduce in time but definetly a massic improvement. How can I possibly complain. Well worth the price i paid instead of buying god knows how many bottles of Redex and Wynns fuel cleaner.”
Posted By : Matt

Renault Clio

“Had my sons car TerraClean’d a week ago – 1.6 16v Clio ’09 plate 75k miles – dropped it off at 8.30am – ready by 10.15am – mighty impressed with results-much smoother power delivery, more power delivery lower in rev range. Well pleased.”
Posted By : Jonathan Levoir

BMW 125i (3 litre) Cabro

“Just had a Terraclean and another service they offer but mention less which focuses on the induction side. To set the context my car is remapped and no has the power at top end but was noticeably “lumpy” through the lower rev range, which showed up on the dyno charts. The chip company said looks like carbon build up on the induction side. We continued with the remap an the car gained +50BHP and +30lb/ft of torque, so a good result. The lumpiness was still there at the bottom until about 5000 rpm when all hell let loose. Anyway I decided to try Terraclean rather than several bottles of fuel additives along with expensive tankfuls of premium unleaded. Took the car in to a local garage (AMJ Auto Services) who did the Terraclean and Induction clean. I picked up car and immediately noticed the difference – from sun 1000 rpm all the way to the aforementioned 5000+ rpm it was lump free. I then decided to replicate my journey to work there was enough traffic around albeit a different time of day. My average fuel consumption went up from 28-30 mpg to 34mpg (20 mile round trip with slow zones for a couple villages and roundabouts etc. not smooth and flowing). So off the bat I am saying it looks good.”
Posted By : Brian Fraser

VW Touran

“I have a 2005 VW Touran 1.9 TDI, I got it Terra Cleaned about a month ago with 156, 000 miles on the clock, my car was running great before the clean and it’s even better now, more responsive and better mpg, I had never heard of this Terra Clean before and came accross it here on facebook but would recommend it. My car was done at Elite M.O.T. Service and Repair in Wishaw, staff were friendly, and a guy called TONY let me watch the job being done, even lent me a car to nip to the shops for juice as it was a scorching day, thanks Tony, great staff and workmanship.”
Posted By : Eddie Finnon

2007 SsangYong Rexton 2.7

“Used Luke a mobile technician from Wakefield, came to Keighley to where I work, very impressed with the results,engine runs quieter MPG has improved by a couple of miles and smoother acceleration plus quicker and smoother gear changes(auto box)would recommend this service if you have a 50000 + mileage motor”
Posted By : Peter Rowley

Mercedes E200 Kompressor Auto Saloon. 2002

“Seen this process on Wheeler Dealers and wondered if it was any good. My Mercedes E200 Auto has always been awkward and lumpy when I reverse to park on the hill outside my house. I normally got around 20 mpg around town in traffic averaging around 20 mph and very stop start due to number of traffic lights. I had the local Terraclean Agent have a session with my car. Afterwards, the difference in response smoothness of acceleration and changing through the gears was AMAZING. There is a definite 20 – 25% improvement in Fuel Consumption with the around town consumption from 20mpg to 23-25mpg and on a faster A Road from 28 -30mpg to 32 – 34mpg. At this rate – it will pay for itself in less than 5 -6 months. Can THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND this process and would think it would benefit older cars that spend most of the time in slow moving traffic. A definite help for cars the fail the MOT on fuel emissions.”
Posted By : Sidsson

Ford Galaxy mk3 TDCI

“I had an engine light come on and was told that one of the sensors had failed. I ignored it until the dreaded limp mode happened. Blast it…my DPF was blocked!! Scared by the cost of replacements tried the Terraclean service at JPS in Saffron Walden. That was almost 18 months ago, and my 2010 Ford Galaxy is still free of DPF issues thanks to. Terraclean. Of only more people knew about it.”
Posted By : Jason Stinton


“I had the Durham technician carry out the operation on my x type estate 2.2 d , and am extremely pleased with result, the engine is quieter, much quieter on starting cold responds faster acceleration, and is giving increased fuel saving of up to 5 to 8 more than before, highly recommended. I would say that it is more inline to a car fresh from the factory.”
Posted By : Trevor


“Done my bmw 320d the car drives as new very happy with the results ,would do it on every car I will own in the future!highly recommended!”
Posted By : Razvan pascu

Nissan Pathfinder

“I had my Nissan Pathfinder cleaned at R&R Autosports, Huddersfield. It is far more responsive and I get better fuel economy.. The Pathfinder is six years old with 125,000 miles and has certainly benefitted from the treatment.”
Posted By : David

Jaguar x type 2.2 Diesel Auto 2008

“My gearbox fault warning light came on my car along with the coil symbol. After a bit of research on the net it turned out to be sticky veins on my turbo. Having read this i started searching for a good turbo cleaner, during this i came across a recommendation for Terraclean. I was put in touch with Clive Jones (07946350661) he was very knowledgeable and pleasant. I had the job done two weeks ago i am absolutely delighted, my car drives better than when i first bought it 5years ago, it has 77000mls on the clock now, the gear change is a lot smoother, engine quieter and mpg has improved. Just had my MOT and the emissions are the best they’ve ever been. Would recommend to anybody. Thank you Clive.”
Posted By : Andy Krynicki

Ford Focus 1.8 tdci 58

“Car is miles better on the performance , quieter , lower revs smoother . Should of had this done a year back spent money on rubbish products . Would definitely recommend this product stop wasting money and have a terraclean done Top guy James Price Aldridge in the west mids. Extremely one Happy convert to this product.”
Posted By : Barry Reynolds

Smart 450 Pulse 0.6 Turbo

“Had my little smart 450 0.6T terracleaned and can report great results so far, feels much less lumpy and pick up has been improved. MPG slightly up. Definitely cleaned up the combustion cycle and cleared out some built up deposits in the engine that are common for this little engine. was undertaken at Atlantic Garage in Climping, West Sussex.”
Posted By : Chris Amey

Audi A4

“I had my car terracleaned by Autocentre, rectory road, Rushden and the service I received was exemplary, could not have asked for more. It has worked wonders on my car and I have already noticed a big difference in performance. Would (and do) heartily recommend Terraclean and Vic at Autocentre, Rushden for excellent service. thanks again!”
Posted By : Terence

Rover 75 2.0 CDTi Auto

“Car feels smoother and is quieter and more economical. I usually struggle to get 35 mpg, my most recent is 51.4 mpg. At first I didn’t notice much difference however after some driving in town and on the motorway I’m starting to notice a vast improvement. Definitely recommended for an older diesel car like mine, currently at 127k miles and still going strong, thanks!”
Posted By : Kevin

Ford focus tdci 2006

“Miles Ahead Motor Servs did my ford focus car which was stopping so much I was thinking of selling it but the guys at miles ahead cleaned the dpf and car is driving like dream there are lots of bad mechanics around but these guys are top notch if you have any dpf problems don’t waste money on gimmicks just take your car and have it cleaned and you will not regret it .one of the best mechanic in North London knew what was wrong also changed my fuel.filter which was suppose to be changed by previous mechanic who did not thanks a a lot Ash and team see you soon Danny.”
Posted By : Danny makwana

Much Better Acceleration

“I had the engine cleaning process carried out by North West Motor Engineering, Dublin St, Liverpool L3 7DT. on the 12/10 2016. It has been over two weeks since the procedure was performed and I can say that the benefits are being realised, I can feel better acceleration and smoother running. Definitely recommend anybody to have this maintenance carried out.”
Posted By : John Wrigley

Audi a4 tdi

“Fantastic customer service just done an audi a4 2 litre tdi with a stage 2 map. I had problems with it being like an on and of switch before now it runs very smooth and more powerful and it’s more responsive now engine much quieter extremely happy with service.”
Posted By : Richard cooper

Peugeot 308

“I heard from a friend who had a terraclean done on his peugeot 504 2.0 litre diesel and was now getting 78mpg on a run, so I decided to have my peugeot 308 1.6 litre diesel done at Kieth Wood Motors in Hewood with only 35K on the clock. I was getting 78.6mpg anyway,but after the terraclean on exactly the same route I got 80.6mpg. Not a great difference, but it do’s prove it works so it’s definately a must for higher mileage engines. Can’t wait to see what the emmisions are at the next M.O.T. in December. Bob.”
Posted By : Robert L Mudd

Major DPF Issue

“I was given dodgy information from a garage charging me for regenerations which they didn’t do and trying to charge me £1250 for a new DPF. A1 TerraClean came out, arrived early and had the faulty sensor replaced rapidly. 5* service and no messing about. Polite, friendly and genuine service I would strongly recommend and will be using again in the future if the need arises. Thank you.”
Posted By : Lee

Toyota – Celica

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for the excellent service I received when I put my Celica in for a Terraclean, and to let you know that it passed its MOT with flying colours! It had failed on emissions for the last 3 years running, but this year it easily passed first time. I had hoped that the Terraclean service would make a bit of a difference, but it made a massive difference. The Lambda readings for my car have to fall between 0.970 and 1.030 to pass. It passed first time with a reading of 1.017, whereas last year the reading was 1.119!! What an incredible difference. So thanks again for the friendly, courteous service. Just thought I would share this email from a happy customer Thanks to mark for this email we are so glad we could help and very glad your happy.”
Posted By : Mark

2005 BMW E90 320D Automatic

“Guys it’s quite ridiculous how effective this was. Even more ridiculous was reading all these comments about how effective it is (tough to believe) before getting Terraclean done. When I did get it done; I didn’t immediately feel a power difference (as i was hoping/expecting). What I did feel was that the engine revved much much smoother, as if its running on honey! It was a few days later when I felt a seriously significant power difference (more torque and HP) and MPG is much much better (i’ve never seen my car showing such a long fuel range). I’ve spent so much money in the past on bottles of solutions which are good but the car goes back to what it was a week or two later. This is the real deal. Black smoke upon hard acceleration is now non-existent now. My service was done by Sam at http://www.styledynamics.co.uk/ I don’t really get the time to write reviews, but I had to for this. Couldn’t recommend this or praise any more, amazing!”
Posted By : Humzah Ghauri

Mercedes ML 500 (W163)

“I’ve had my Mercedes ML500 (and other cars) maintained by the chaps at NorthWest Motor Engineering in Liverpool (Dublin Street, L3 7DT) for years. https://www.facebook.com/TerraClean-Stanley-Dock-Liverpool-1620741528216736 When they explained the Terraclean system to me, I was keen to see if it could make any difference to my 2004 motor with 90K on the clock. I have to say, if anyone else had recommended it, I probably would not have bothered – but I trust these guys and if they say it works, it will work! Well they did it, and its AMAZING. It feels like a new engine now! Can’t believe the difference it makes – and you wont until you try it! I’m going to get it done on my other Mercedes! EXCELLENT JOB AND BRILLIANT SERVICE AS ALWAYS!!!!! ????”
Posted By : Karl

Honda Civic

“Like a fool I put a full tank of unleaded in my diesel Civic! Panic sets in. I rang my insurance company, Admiral, who could not have been more helpful. Sorted me out with a Terraclean visit. Not knowing what to expect I thought the worst! Not so. 20 minutes later Philip arrives. First impressions? A little joke to calm me down. Ok, this is cool. He then goes to work. I thought I was going to be in serious trouble, big bills!! Again not so. Philip was an expert, and good humoured too. Not quite 30minutes later we were set and driving off to fill the car with ‘diesel.’ Top notch company, top notch services by Philip. Well done.”
Posted By : Chris S

ford mondeo tdci estate

“My mondeo 2ltr tdci on 57 plate 180000 mile had this wonderful treatment to engine …And like a new car highly recommended great service…”
Posted By : Dave Robbins

Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTI 2008

“Wow what a difference this has made, engine noise has been reduced, torque and exceleration increased , much smoother running all together, like a new engine well pleased very good service would recommend,my 2008 vectra was getting a bit sluggish and noisy had 87000mls on clock this has bought it back to life.”

1999 BMW E36 M3 Evo

“Got my M3 terracleaned by MNJ motors in Walthamstow, car ran a lot more smoother, idled better and felt like new. Felt like it gained some more power and the mpg improved – 35mpg on the motorway is not bad for a 3.2 petrol. Passed the MOT emissions with flying colours.” Posted By : Aks Ekrem

Peugeot 306 XS 1.8 16V

“Had the car terra cleaned today WOW!! what an improvement its like the car has new lease of life the engine tone and idling has improved and her throtle responce has improved when i took her out for run. Warren From W J Autos who did the terra clean was polte and even spotted the odd idling and suggested changing the plugs whih he did after the cleaning best £110 i spent to date on my car.”
Posted By : Dominic Johnson

Seat Cupra r 310 white edition

“I have a 2010 cupra r 310 was running good but decided to have the terraclean done I could feel the difference straight away more responsive a little bit more power ,its put a smile back on my face the work was carried out by Shepards Motor Company Halesowen good customer service good experience all round.”
Posted By : Scott Fulford

Range Rover 5LTR Autobiography 2011 80,000 Miles 0n Clock

“The best results for my range rover 5ltr petrol i have had done to the car its over two month since it was done and the exhaust (which i cleaned before the application was done) is as it was its as clean ,,like new again and the smell well their is none,, 80,000 on the clock,, the garage staff were perfect 10 out of 10,,,,thank you livingstone garage, Scotland.”
Posted By : Arthur Emmerson

Mitsubishi Pajero

“I just want to say that A few weeks back I had the treatment carried out in my vehicle. I can now say with confidence that it HAS definitely made a difference in the Torque I am getting bk,and in pretty sure an increase in mpg!! It is an older imported Pajero mk2 with a turbo diesel 2.5 engine and 150,000 miles on it! I always maintain it very well and include treatment for both oils and fuels. Your Terraclean has taken years off it !! I am a very happy customer and will be recommending to all.”
Posted By : Stuart

Seat Leon Cupra

“I had my 2002 seat leon cupra terracleaned a few days ago I’ve seen it on a programme with edd China and thought I’d give it ago my car felt a little sluggish and wasn’t getting to much mpg so rushden autocenter sorted it out for me with in half an hour I was shocked car felt quicker and now I’m getting and extra 20 to 30 miles on a tank of fuel I haven’t changed my driving style but for those reading this and think it’s a waste of money please think again it’s fantastic and the garage in rushden are really nice and friendly.”
Posted By : Jonathan Rollins

Volvo V70

“I arranged to have my Volvo V70 given a Terraclean service today at Visar garage in Thirsk. An hour after arriving I was told that it couldn’t be done as there wasn’t a way of connecting the inlet and outlet pipes to the fuel system. So I wasted 3 hours of time on a 50 mile round trip!”
Posted By : Dave Dickson

2008 Chrysler Sebring 2.0 diesel convertible

“Well, I purchased a Chrysler Sebring 20 diesel convertible – the car seemed great on the test drive but only after Id parted with my ‘wad’ did it go into safe mode and the management light came on. After code reading it was diagnosed with over boost, a common problem with the variable turbo vanes that stick – the cure most say is a new turbo (£600 ish). I told Steve at SH autos my problem and he suggested I gave him £110 and have it Terracleaned … now I’ve never had any faith in fuel additives and potions and I’m probably as tight as its possible to get so for him and his two sons to get me to hand over £110 was quite an achievement in its self, but uncharacteristically part with my wad I reluctantly did. I then spent an hour thinking ‘what have I done’ but all I can say is that the car was miraculously 100% cured it now drives like new. I’ve waited a week and driven it quite hard before writing this review just to be sure all’s now well. Obviously there’s no guarantees but it worked for me and saved me £500ish, so after a roller-coaster of emotions I’m delighted and can only recommend both SH autos and Terraclean great service and product.”
Posted By : Richard Thorpe

Jaguar X Type

“I had the Terraclean carried out by Jubilee Garage and I can’t believe the result! My car is a Jaguar X type diesel with almost 140K on the clock and was pretty lumpy and quite a poor starter from cold. I expected an improvement but had no idea that it would improve so much, it literally feels like a new engine. Starts straight away, idles smoothly, more power and more torque. I can’t comment on fuel consumption as it has only been a few days but I’ll bet it has improved. The best £XXX I could have spent!”
Posted By : Chris Gallon

VW LT35 109 MWB 2.5 DTI

“I took my VW LT35 109 (211k on the clock so just run in ) with its smooth running 5cylinder TDI engine and had SH Autos at Radcliffe on the Wreak Leics put the Terraclean though her. I was very happy with the service but Jubilent the moment I left the garage as I instantly noticed that the old girl pulled away quicker and ran quitter I am yet to chech on the fuel figure but I would expect my eccomerny to improve.”
Posted By : Mike Jones

mercedes c320

“Just had my c class Mercedes terracleaned in Plymouth…got to say can notice a big difference..much smoother…more power…money well spent in my opinion.” Posted By : darren grey

BMW E60 530D M Sport 235

“I had my BMW 530d MSport DPF terraclean end by Bernie at A1 Terraclean. All I can say is wow! The guys was amazing, he talked me through the process as it was done and then showed me the resulting smoke on startup. 30 minute drive later and the big Beamer is back to her best. Phenomenal service and unbelievable results. I will be having the turbo and fuel system done very shortly. You must have this done to believe the results.”
Posted By : Craig Martin

nissan pathfinder 2.5 sport

“Had a clean done yesterday on my 07 nissan pathfinder 2.5 diesel. WOW the big and dangerous flat spot at 2400 rpm has simply gone it sounds and feels so smooth with more power and NO SMOKE. Cos has gone from 250 gm/km down to 104g/km. A friendly service done at my place of work with no mess or noise to make the boss more grumpy. A simple way to describe this is. MY OLD DOG HAS NOW BEEN TURNED BACK INTO A YOUNG PLAYFUL PUPPY. Many thanks and to all the people who write negative reviews WHY there must have been an underlying issue with you car look after it and service regularly and this is the best treatment for any engine.”
Posted By : James barnacle

Peugeot 207

“Just to let you all know, before the TerraClean treatment, EGR inlet and turbo clean, a 300 mile journey would average 74mpg in my 1.4 HDI Peugeot 207, with cruise control set at 52 mph the whole way and tyre pressures at 2.9bar (195/65/15). After the terraclean treatment and the foam, same journey, same weather, about the same temperature, same circumstances (no traffic, straight there) averaged 85mpg. This is both verified on the dashboard computer and the fuel calculations with the litres used. This is proof that this treatment DOES work, and unfortunately, all you tailgaters in your beamers, I can no longer smoke-screen you with a drop down gear and a heavy right foot ???? Also the turbo boost has risen from 0.7bar to 1.0bar with 1.25bar overboost, verified! Plus on an MOT smoke tester, just for curiosity a week before the treatment she blew fast-pass 0.3 Thank you again, shame I couldn’t put this on the review, thought it would be better to post it direct.”
Posted By : Michael Matthews

VW Golf

“I have just had my 04 Golf which has just shy of 100,000 Thousand miles on the clock Terracleaned and the difference is hard to explain this was carried out by Regent Services Waltham on the wolds Leicestershire.”
Posted By : Walter Wharton

Vauxhall – Corsa

“Best thing I ever had done to my corsa, it kept going into limp mode(turbo problems), afterwards no more problems! It ran better and faster than when it was new. I recommend TerraClean*******”
Posted By : Keith Curran

Ford Focus

“The highly refined fuel being solvent and comment ruins piston rings I can vouch are absolutely untrue. I’d like to see real evidence to back up those allegations. I own an st170 I’ve had that terraclean instantly noticeable was how much smoother it runs throttle response and deffinately higher mpg. Any one who scare mongers people either know nothing about terraclean haven’t experienced before and after treatment of a vehicle by driving it or have seriously not researched terraclean so make claims with no evidence to support there claims. I’ve known of very many cars that have been treated not one has had any problem caused by it. It’s not a fault repair treatment but s treatment that cleans internal components decarbonising hence restoring the engine to what it should be. Plenty cheap in tank treatments but there just not in same league as terraclean due to terraclean instantly cleaning and not running through with pump fuel. I bought my st170 thought it went well after treatment went even better and has caused no faults whatsoever. It’s a must for anyone wanting to get there car back to running near to new as possible and enthusiasts alike. Can’t recommend it highly enough but be aware there will always be people who say all sorts about it there usually ones who haven’t a clue or witnessed a car before or after treatment. You love your car go for it you won’t be let down if you do!!!”
Posted By : David Andrews

Subaru Legacy

“Just a note to thank you for recommending PALE Classics in Chippenham who performed a Terraclean on my Subaru Legacy. They provided a first class service with a full explanation of the process and are great ambassadors for Terraclean. The Legacy drove like new again and I am sure we will see an improvement in fuel consumption as well as performance. I look forward to having the Celica done when the correct fitting can be found so that we can revitalise her as well. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.”
Posted By : Mike Kinder

Jaguar XJ8

“I got my 1997 Jaguar XJ8 Terracleaned last year after seeing Ed China using the process on a similar age XK8 on Wheeler dealers. I genuinely was shocked by the performance difference afterwards. Driving back the engine was much more lively and the engine picked up far more quickly when pulling away at roundabouts etc. The car has felt likely a completely different animal ever since. I can’t recommend the process enough. I would also recommend using fuels like shell v-power as if you don’t the knock sensor will tell the engine management to reduce the performance of your engine.”
Posted By : Oliver

Peugeot 307cc

“Well after a lot of persuasion and then getting a depollution warning on my Peugeot 307 cc I decided to get the Terraclean done at Pauls’ Garage Methil after it was done the engine light and warning disappeared I took it for a run and couldn’t believe the difference So smooth and great power Thank you Paul.”
Posted By : Dena Adamson

VW Golf

“Had my 18 year old golf tdi terracleaned, the results are unbelievable. 188000 miles and pulls extremely well after Terraclean while returning 60+ mpg. Motorvation of harrogate (Terraclean centre) done this at an awesome price.”
Posted By : Kelsie – Harrogate

Mitsubishi Outlander

“Just had fuel and induction terraclean done on my 08 mitsubishi outlander before i had it done the car kicked out black smoke from the exhaust and struggled the rev past 3250 rpm the mpg was still good when i arrived at my local terraclean dealer they did a emissions test and it came back at 2.99 the limit on my car is 3.00 so only just passed a emissions test after the clean the emissions reading came back at 0.49 a massive improvement plus its quiter/ smoother and reving clean throught to the red line and im getting 3 to 4 more mpg RESULT.”
Posted By : Phill

Merecedes – CLK 320

“Great got a CLK 320 year 2000 just completed restauration but engine did not run well done Al the usual stuff…Today went to Daves grave in Leicester and had terra clean done…Wow it is great engine runs smooth and the power is back😀I now have my wife s car done too Great stuff Guys.”
Posted By : Frank

Peugeot 307 HDI 1.6

“Car was undriveable, mountains of white smoke, running on 3 cylinders, knocking. First garage advised four injectors needed removed – refurbed – refitted at a cost of ~£1000 Local Terraclean agent recommended the Terraclean service at a cost of £120. Car now sorted and driving better now than it has in the last five years.”
Posted By : Gareth M

ford focus saloon

“Had my 2003 focus done toady after work. AS soon as it was finished I noticed it was quieter, took out for a run and the acceleration was a lot better, had the pressure induction done too. well worth the money thanks to Mike from Dover who answered all my stupid questions.”
Posted By : Peter Barker

Audi TT quattro 1.8cc

“Just had my Audi TT 02 plate serviced and Terracleaned by Autocentre Rushden Ltd.Delighted with the results. Performance is great,ptrol consumption has com down. Have always found Autocentre Rushden Ltd on the ball.”
Posted By : Barry Pipe

2008. Ford focus

“In addition to my previous comment, I have now done my usual round trip of 25 miles each way.. 90% A roads and a few residential roads and i am pleased to say my Mpg has risen from 33mpg to 40Mpg sinice the terraclean, I have noticed i have a puncture on my N/S/F tyre which will be changed soon and also the back two tyres are in need of a change,which will of course improve the MPG even further. thank you so much Terraclean. Brilliant job.”
Posted By : Dave

Nissan X-Trail

“Advised by my local garage who look after my Nissan X trail 2.2 diesel on a 06 plate to try tretaclean system to clean the fuel system out, A fault existed between 2000/24000 revs,the vehicle was juddering and not getting upto speed on putting the pedal down quickly ,although if I gently put the pedal down slowly, the engine would go through the revs and gain speed. the mechanic said he thought a valve in the exhaust system which recycles the exhaust could be sticking with build up of carbon and of cause the jets could be carbonised as well…Took it to the Harrogate franchised garage.very friendly and talked me through what tretaclean could do. .ALL SORTED IN A COUPLE OF HOURS…engine cured of the problem. running smoothly and accelerates like never before.”
Posted By : Paul Ward

Ford focus

“Had my terraclean done today on my 2008 1.6 automatic. Was dubious at first but reading the reviews I plumped tongonahead with it. Well what can I say? Apart from The chap turning up 50 minutes late from the scheduled appointment he did a excellent job and talked me through the process. Straight away I noticed the engine seemed quieter. Drove from south Bristol to avonmouth and I usually get 30/31 mpg. This time I was getting 37 on the way down and 38mpg on the way back. This was a mix of residential roads and dual carriageway. Can’t wait to take it on my usual 50 mile round trip where I was avergaing 33mpg on a roads!! I remember once getting 44mpg so hope this is achieved or even better higher mpg than 44mpg. The pull away from lights/stop situations is much much better usually sluggish but definitely seems like more horses are packed under the bonnet. Thank you Kwok and terraclean.”
Posted By : Dave

Jaguar XJS

“Just had my 26 year old XJS V12 convertible Terracleaned and found the dealer very helpful and knowledgeable. The engine feels smoother and idles slightly better (ready for a service now) and it’s always difficult to see an improved fuel consumption on such a thirsty car but at least I know the inside has been cleaned. The guys at Clichy Cars (North Finchley) were very helpful and enthusiastic and not just showing a real passion for an old classic Jag! Thank you.”
Posted By : Ben Beitler

Honda Civic 1.8 Petol 59 plate

“Just had my Honda Civic 59 plate serviced and Terracleaned again by Autocentre Rushden Ltd. Once again delighted with the results. Hardly have to use the throttle and performance is great, the car is raring to go once more. Well done Autocentre Rushden Ltd you have turned up trumps again.”
Posted By : Pat Clarke

Audi A6 3.2 Quattro

“Had my Audi A6 3.2 Quattro 54 plate TerraClean in Milton Keynes on Monday 8th June, money well spent.”
Posted By : Malcolm Fryer-Kelsey

Mitsubishi SpaceStar

“I have an 150000 miles 03 mitsubishi spacestar 1.9 TDI .Very sluggish on acceleration. I took it to AMS garage Radcliffe my nearest garage.Two hours later I collected car. It was safer faster smoother etc.I am totally impressed by this product!!”
Posted By : Peter Barrett

2005 Isuzu D Max 3ltr Turbo Deisel Pickup

“Today I took my 2005 Isuzu D Max Pick Up to my local installer (Auto Centre Rushden) to try out this new to me treatment/service called Terraclean. As Ed China indorsed it thought it must be ok, even having checked out the Wheeler Dealers program on You Tube to see what I could hope to expect I Gave Jerry a call and booked it in. Well my Isuzu was good being main dealer service and even with 133000+ miles on the clock it felt like a new Pick Up. She will never win a drag race but what a change, so smooth quiet and with loads more pull. Going on a long run just to see what the new MPG is like; and in a few weeks when we are off with our Caravan in tow it will be interesting to see what improvement I will get. I can’t say enough good things about this treatment and the benefits, you just have to try it, trust me you will not regret it I didn’t . I then went in to pick her up, Jerry met me to give me the improvement readings from the before (2.01) and after (0.73) emissions test I was amazed. Then I was given the great news that they had added a fuel treatment that removes any water in the tank/fuel, plus they filled all 4 tyres with Nitrogen at no cost to me. This is what I call fantastic customer service. And on the drive home I had the biggest grin on my face it was if I was in a newer vehicle. So well done Terraclean and in particular all the lads at Rushden Auto Centre for an outstanding job. I will be telling all about you and singing your praises. Many many thanks. Regards Bob R Bowen.”
Posted By : Robert Bowen

Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205

“I took my 20 year old, 64000 mile Celica in to get done on the off chance that this actually works and it might make it a little less lumpy/smoother. For £108 I figured, what’s the worst that could happen? I was really thinking that I wouldn’t notice any difference in the car but that deep down it may help a little so the money was probably worth it. The car drove well beforehand considering the age of it and it had always been well maintained mechanically so didn’t expect any vast improvement. As soon as I ticked it over it was like a different car, quieter, smoother and almost definitely a few more horses under the bonnet. The difference this has made is massive. I would never have believed this service if Ed China hadn’t endorsed it but I’m glad I did it. It feels like it’s taken 15 years off the age of the engine!”
Posted By : Tristan Barker

Land Rover Discovery

“I just had my Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 Terraclean ‘ed it has 180,00 miles and it now drives like new, no smoke, great performance gains, better MPG and is fantastic, great service and fantastic results …. Well done Terraclean.”
Posted By : Angie Haynes

BMW 330D Touring M Sport

“Just had the DPF Clean done on my 330 M Sport Touring, and I must say I was very impressed with Mike and his colleague from TerraClean South, very efficient, friendly, good recommendations for the car, and all-round great service – highly recommended!”
Posted By : Becky Lever

Mercedes CLK 280 petrol

“Thought I should share my experience. Just had my Mercedes 280 CLK Terracleaned @ J and E Motors in Speke Liverpool. The car now feels brand new has improved acceleration and improved the fuel consumption from 23mpg to 28mpg. It just shows how various fuels leave the carbon deposits in the fuel system. I would highly recomend the process and the team at J + E Motors.”
Posted By : John Davies


“Absolutely amazing!!!! This guy knows his stuff!!! Was contemplating getting rid of my BMW X3 due to airmass faults and not running correctly! And like magic this guy sourced what was causing the air mass fault isolated to double check then fixed the problem and done a full clean and I feel like I’ve got a brand new car!!! Very impressed and would highly recommend to EVERYONE!!!! Worth every penny!!! Thank you again.”
Posted By : Michelle Busuttil

2003 Ford Mondeo 1.8 petrol

“I had my 2003 1.8 petrol Mondeo done in 2012, it was very close to failing the previous NCT on emissions, after the car has been terracleaned my emissions has more than halved. I got about another 1mpg since the treatment and considering im a borderline hypermiler i would consider that a result.”
Posted By : Ian Crofton

2000 Ford Cougar 2.5 V6

“Just had my Ford Cougar 2.5 V6 given the Terraclean treatment. All I can say is…WOW!!!!! Added 17 bhp, 11% increase, which means, after 14 years and 105,000 miles the car is only 4.3 bhp down on when it came out of the factory. Feels like a new car, very smooth and very quiet, except on acceleration when the engine now sings sweetly and goes like stink. It will be interesting to see what the long term consumption figures will be. The graph for this has a ridiculous 33% reduction in consumption. Can’t praise it highly enough. Thanks to the guys at ecotune in Hillington, Glasgow, and thanks to Edd China for showing this INCREDIBLE engine rejuvenation product.”
Posted By : Gary Scott

BMW E60 530D saloon

“Had my Year 2000 Merc ml270 cdi with 110K miles on it done 5/2/15 by Ian Mothersdale. Terraclean2u mobile agent Co Durham. Its comforting somehow, to have a guy who knows what he’s doing, working on your car.!st class service from start to finish. I am over the moon with the results of the treatment. The overall performance of the car has greatly improved. However it seems to have affected the fuel gauge somehow, as it doesn’t seem to move as quickly as it did before the treatment, lol. I can’t recommend Ian highly enough. Money well spent, me thinks. Many thanks. Regards. Terry Matthews, Middlesbrough. PS, Ignore the glass half empty cynics on the internet forums. This thing really works.”
Posted By : Webster Springer

Bmw 530d m

“got A terra clean service from the guys at top gun body repair centre airdrie and the cars runs a lot better, better mpg and also the engine feels more responsive and also sounds a lot smoother and idles only at 600rpm, would defo recommend one especially for a disel engine.”
Posted By : Mick Bonnar

Mercedes SLK32AMG

“My Mercedes SLK 32 AMG being a rear car in itself needs special attention but for the last 3 months had been showing a fault that the secondary air supply was faulty and pin pointed down to carbon somewhere in the system. I had been watching Wheeler Dealers who had used the Terraclean system on a Jaguar XJ so did a search on the Internet and discovered I actually had a local Garage that offered this service (Green Lanes Garage in Barnstaple). I booked in the car the very next morning and Grant went to work. On collecting the Merc, wow what a difference, much smoother on acceleration and seems more powerful although difficult to fully assess with so much power anyway. I have to say I have been very impressed so far in the difference to the car and will now have my wife’s car Terracleaned as a matter of course.”
Posted By : Phil Hammond


“Hi brought my x3 in a few weeks ago as it was running ruff just got it back Friday after a week in a bmw specialist and £800 bill warranty claim thank god and his first words where inside the engine is spotless and was quite baffled as to why told him it had a terra clean and he was very impressed and said its one of the best x3 he had driven so thank guys.”
Posted By : Tris Oaten

Vauxhall Insignia

“DPF light appeared on the dashboard and was told my only options were to try a forced regeneration (which might not work) or to have a new DPF fitted costing well over a £1500. I heard about Terraclean and contacted them and they came out and cleaned it straight away for less than 1/4 of the cost of a new one. The car runs so much better and now when the car needs any other service i will 100% use Terraclean again. Fast Friendly and Reliable Service.”
Posted By : Rhys From Havant

bmw 325d 2007 tourer

“have had issues with dpf system for best part of 18 months finally have had the terraclean treatment as well as a proper dpf clean my the same agent done at p a roberts bmw specialist in whitchurch all i can say is wow my car has never run like it does now until this was done my only option was a new dpf costing best part of 2 grand all in the terraclean is the proper service that should be done to every new ish car in my opinion saving motorists thousands thankyou terraclean you saved the day.”
Posted By : rob jones

Volvo S80

“Andy terracleaned my Volvo s80 today. Excellent service, top man. I can notice the difference right away. Also had my MOT mate do a smoke test and he was amazed how quick it passed the test! Top marks, highly recommended.”
Posted By : Scott Judge

2010 Vauxhall Astravan 1.9cdti & 1999 Subaru Impreza RB5

“Watched the Terraclean on Wheeler Dealers a few years ago and have been intrigued to try it. More so after both my vehicles failed recent MOT’s on emissions. I popped my Subaru in first at Autocare in Rushden and there was a noticeable improvement in pick up and great across the rev range. Most noticeable was the Hydrocarbons when retested was virtually zero, which stunned the Subaru specialist i use!! Decided to treat my 4.5yr old Astravan with 187k on the clock to the same treatment and can report similar gains and improvement. I have already recommended this to several work colleagues and friends, and i am sure many will be tempted. Many thanks again.”
Posted By : John – Rushden

Audi A4 1.9 tdi

“After your TV advertisement and news comment on diesel particulate contaminants in the environment, I decided to have the Terraclean process carried out on my 13 year old, 125,000 mile, Audi A4. I took the car to my local concession, Hobson’s garage in Stockport. The process was carried out very efficiently and in a very professional manner by the proprietor. Although the emmisions were already below the limit, the process reduced them by 25% to 0.7. The car feels better to drive, picks up better and engine noise has been reduced.markedly. I would recommend the process and also Hobson’s garage. I would have no reservations about returning to this garage to repeat the process when needed.”
Posted By : Chris – Stockport

VW Polo

“Had my Polo Bluemotion done by Angus Motors in Barrhead Glasgow Thought it wouldn’t make much of a difference, was I wrong. MPG is improved as is power , car is quieter , and generally car runs a lot smoother.”
Posted By : Pat – Glasgow


“Just got back from having my VW T5 Terracleaned at Auto Moto Tyre & Exhaust Ltd at Pontypridd, felt much nicer on the drive home, better throttle response, acceleration and also at idle, well worth the money indeed…..” Posted By : Paul – Pontypridd

Jaguar X Type 2.2d SE

“I had read all about it and decided to get it done on my 2005 Jaguar X-Type 2.2SE. I usually remove the egr and manifold for a yearly clean but didn’t fancy it this year. I found MO TECH on. Mitcham Lane who carrie out a first class job including an oil change. Picked up the car after work and OMG! A new car!!! Prior to this I had been stuck on 27mpg around town and have already gained 5mpg….wow. The response is markedly better also. I’m taking the beast on a run tomorrow so let’s see how it goes. Thank you Terraclean and MO TECH.”
Posted By : Paul – Wandsworth

2001 Vauxhall Astra 1.7cdti

“Had my partners car done – a 2001 Astra 1.7 diesel. First couple of tankfuls afterwards didn’t notice much difference in economy, but certainly noticed a marked improvement in performance. However, over the next few tankfuls the economy has crept up, and now reckon we’ve gained between 3-5mpg, giving an overall mpg of about 65mpg. The work was done at Autocentre Rushden and, as ever, the service these guys give is exemplary.”
Posted By : Phil

Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI

“Just had my 10 year old Mondeo TDCI Terracleaned by Mark in Gillingham , Kent. Well what can I say it does what it says on the tin and more , very impressed with results, car is more responsive and is a smoother drive . I would 100% recommend Terraclean. Going to get the wife’s car done too . Engineer turned up on time very polite very professional at all times. Thankyou.”
Posted By : Steve – Kent

Volvo 32CAD

“Treated my Volvo diesel 32CAD 175 HP boat engine to TerraClean and after 400 hours of pushing my 2465 Regal through the water it’s now going better than it has for a long time. No more clouds of fumes on start up and the thrust on acceleration is to be believed. If you have a boat engine you should make this treatment part of your annual service. Money well spent. Trevor Campbell County Down, Northern Ireland.”
Posted By : Trevor C- County Down

BMW 120D

“Had my 112000 mile 7 year old BMW 120d auto done at Xavierautoclinic Hammersmith, To cut to the chase ,it drives like a new car ,amazing.What has really made my day is the car was hanging on to revs instead of changing down ,making it hard work……..it has now gone back to how it used to be. Pete.”
Posted By : Pete – Hammersmith

I Will Be Recommending To My Friends

“Wow, what service. Having dropped of my car at Collison Motoring Services Ltd at 0830, the car was all finished by 1000. The reception was very clean, airy & very welcoming. In fact the best kept in any garage that I have visited over the past 25 years. Having now driven home the vehicle feels quite different and slightly better response at low speeds. Fuel economy was around 40-42mpg before now it is in the high forties. Hopefully even better figures once I have driven more miles at various speeds. Thank you once again for your help in finding the nearest Terraclean dealer & I will be recommending Collison Motoring Services Ltd to all of my family and friends. Just hope that in the near future an agent more local to Worthing can be found that opens at weekends. Best wishes & lots more success to you and your company in the future. ”
Posted By : Phillip – Worthing

VW Passat 2010 2.0 TDI Highline

“I wasn’t too sure about whether this would have any effect on my Passat. However after going through reviews, took the plunge and took the car along to Angus Motors at Barrhead near Glasgow. 90 minutes later the clean was complete. First impressions are that the engine appears to run smoother and quieter. This was last week since then I have worked out that town driving gives me an additional 5mpg whereas motorway driving on a route I frequently used, saw my MPG rise from 52 MPG to 61 MPG. The revs also dropped from 2400 to 2100 rpm on the motorway run. Sticking to the speed limits of course. Would not have believed this would be achieved on a 4 year old car with 40 000 on the clock. The range computer now gives me an estimated range of 860 miles whereas it was at 780 before the Terraclean process on a full tank of fuel.”
Posted By : Gaz – Barrhead


“I first became aware of Terraclean through an episode of Wheeler Dealers. I looked at testimonials online and knew I had to get my car treated. The claims stated that the engine (I drive a 1.9 turbo diesel vectra) ran quiter, had better throttle response and had increased MPG. I can confirm that all these things are true. If you were ‘sitting on the fence’ then sit no longer my friends, get it done. My car was dealt with by Truck Serve Ltd, Saltney, Chester. Don’t let the name fool you, they also do cars!!”
Posted By : Stuart – Chester

Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI D Turbo

“My Peugeot never really performed from day one and was flat from 3500 RPM. I decided to have have my car Teracleaned after reading the testimonies. Although I wasn’t able to get stats before and after the clean I can honestly say that it’s the best money I have spent on the car. MPG has improved between 10 and 15%. The full RPM range is now available which means the car has restored lost power! I have been recommending Teraclean to many people and plan to get the 2nd car done soon.”
Posted By : John

Audi A5 3.0 Tdi quattro sport

“I had my Audi A5 3.0 Tdi quattro with a 100k on it Terracleaned by a Volvo Specialist in Basingstoke, and the service I received was excellent. My car was already very refined and smooth and ran like a dream. I was getting on average between 38-42mpg on any run that I was doing and when driving super efficiently I could easily get up to 47mpg. After the Terraclean the engine is still as smooth and refined as it was before but my economy is now between 40-44mpg. On a super efficient drive I had my car up to 49mpg so it is a definite improvement in mpg and well worth the money I paid. It’s a no brainer really and I would recommend having this done every 50K.”
Posted By : Yasar – Basingstoke

Volvo V70 2.4L Petrol 2000 W plate

“Just had my 2000 model Volvo V70 2.4 Terracleaned along with the ‘S’ tool service and Bug fuel additive. Wow! What a transformation! The car has 144k miles and feels like brand new from the moment you turn the key. Mid range response is superb and top end grunt is effortless – no more flat spots! Worth every penny. Thanks to Keith Stead at Daytona GB Car Care in Ketton, nr Stamford. Got a long haul up to the north of Scotland in a few weeks, be interesting to see the difference in the economy? Thanks again Keith, great service and nice coffee!”
Posted By : Steve – Stamford

1974 Mercedes 450 SLC

“Running a 1974 Mercedes 450SLC is petrol consuming enough so I was looking at ways to make it run better and more economically. I was aware of Terraclene through the TV advertising and Edd China’s campaign and found the local agent Vic at Rushden Auto Centre. They talked me through the process which was interesting enough and I was surprised to feel and hear the difference it made to my car. Whilst the old girl hasn’t got an on board computer calculating the mpg, she is certainly running sweeter and more responsive, I am pretty certain the mpg has improved also! Excellent service by Vic and the team, just dropped off our family wagon 2006 grand voyager which runs a messily 28mpg around town so will be looking forward to saving some £££’s on fuel on this one.”
Posted By : Ciro Ciampi

Isuzu 3.1 Bighorn import

“Just had my 1992 Isuzu 3.1 bighorn auto terracleaned courtesy of Salisbury Garage Waliker Street Hull absolutely fantastic improved throttle response no more black smoke when accelerating many thanks FANTASTIC product.”
Posted By : Raymond – Hull

Seat Leon TDi Cupra 1900cc 2004

“Had the car Terracleaned at Scotlands Ash Garage, West Hagbourne, Didcot, South Oxfordshire. Noticed immediately a great improvement in the responsiveness of the car. I drove down to Devon for Easter; as usual I was using the cruise control whenever appropriate so my driving was certainly the same as usual. This car shows its fuel consumption current, trip and since last zeroed. Overall the car was doing at least 10% more than previously. I don’t get the impression that things are significantly better during local and town driving but on longer journeys the improvement was very noticeable. Given a 15,000 mile recommendation between Terracleaning this has to be a financial must for any cost conscious motorist as well as those who just enjoy the as new performance.”
Posted By : Colin – Didcot

2005 Astra Club Twinport 1600cc

“My 2005 Astra Club Twinport 1600 engine management light kept coming on and it was using lots of oil and losing power to the point I dreaded pulling away at roundabouts. I’d had new lambda sensors fitted and there was no improvement. The Vauxhall dealerships advice was to remove the inlet manifold, clean out EGR port and replace EGR valve, this would cost nearly £400 and might not cure problem, the next step would involving stripping the engine and that would be in the region of £1500. Neither options were financially viable. After doing some research I found out about Terraclean and spoke to Vic at Auto Centre (Rushden) who explained exactly how Terraclean could help. My car limped into the garage on Thursday afternoon and after speaking to Jerry I decided to have the full Terraclean treatment, two hours later the difference in my car was phenomenal, it was quieter, more responsive and had so much more power it was brilliant. I’m so pleased with the results and for £144 inc VAT definitely money well spent. I know it won’t have cured the underlying faults with my car but it has given it a new lease of life, thanks to Vic and Jerry at Autocentre Rushden.”
Posted By : Elaine – Rushden

Honda Civic 1.8 Petrol 59 plate

“Had my 59 plate petrol honda civic terracleaned by Jerry at Autocentre Rushden Ltd on Friday. Found the car to be much smoother and responsive immediately. I admit I was sceptical to start as to wether a terraclean would improve anything but I am glad now to have had the procedure done. I would recommend it to anyone. Well done Dan & Jerry on your sound advice.”
Posted By : Pat – Rushden

Ford Transit 2.5 DI 195,000 miles

“Had my ford transit 190 lwb 2.5 di terracleaned by autocentre Rushden, Ive seen a good improvement in power which has really helped as I used to loose speed uphill now I don’t, Not sure what my MPG was but it has definitely improved, I would recommend getting this done to your vehicle.”
Posted By : Craig – Rushden

Ford Connect 2005

“My company van a Ford Connect was Terracleaned by MCM Garage Services Beattock last week, first fill up of Esso Supreme Diesel gave me over 50 MPG an increase of nearly 7 MPG, I would recommend the system to anyone who has lost that bit of power and take-up from an older Diesel engine. Happy to fully recommend to all our forecourt customers. The emissions report before the treatment read 1.41 it is now a staggering 0.65! Great results!”
Posted By : Andrew Edgar – Beattock

Ford Connect 2005

“My company van a Ford Connect was Terracleaned by MCM Garage Services Beattock last week, first fill up of Esso Supreme Diesel gave me over 50 MPG an increase of nearly 7 MPG, I would recommend the system to anyone who has lost that bit of power and take-up from an older Diesel engine. Happy to fully recommend to all our forecourt customers. The emissions report before the treatment read 1.41 it is now a staggering 0.65! Great results!”
Posted By : Andrew Edgar – Beattock

Renault Espace 2.2 DTi

“James has been and carried out service,and what a difference it has made,my car now runs quieter ,more responsive smoother,etec. his attitude and customer service was second to non,great ambassodor for terraclean. my thanks again.”
Posted By : Terry – West Midlands

1997 BMW E39 528I 120K miles

“Thanks to Ricky of TyreMax South Woodford The best £180 I ever spent on my car totally changed the performance Throttle response improved Acceleration is faster Engine idle much smoother CO2 is down HC is down The car is just more responsive and definately quicker.”
Posted By : Eamonn – South Woodford

SAAB 9-5 Areo. 2006

“I was ‘Terracleaned’ today by Mike from Terraclean South. I am a natural sceptic and doubted there would be any discernible difference, how wrong was I. Much better driveability and an improvement in mpg on a short drive home. The trip computer showed a +0.2mpg gain on a 5 mile trip on country lanes and the ability to pull from 1000rpm uphill in third gear even impressed the wife. Thanks.”
Posted By : Michael – Hampshire

Toyota DGT 306 V6

“My re-creation of a 1974 Ferrari Dino has a Toyota V6 3 litre engine taken from a Toyota Camry. As the engine had done 104,000 miles I took it to the Autocentre at Rushden for Terraclean treatment to remove carbon and hopefully improve performance. The results are astonishing – the engine was always good but now pulls like a train throughout the entire rev range with immediate throttle response. I planted my right foot on the way home and just hung on! I wouldn’t mind betting that my replica would now out perform the real thing. Well done boys you have really put a smile on my face!”
Posted By : Terry – Rushden

Vauxhall Vectra VXR

“I would have no problem recommending Terraclean to anyone and already have, the difference is unreal and it cured a long term idling issue i had with the car. Best £114 Ive ever spent on the car!”
Posted By : Barry – Manchester

Toyota Mr2 and Subaru Legacy Outback

“Autocentre Rushden Terracleaned both my Subaru Outback (44k miles) and my Toyota Mr2 (78k miles). With both cars the effect has been that they run smoother and are more responsive to the throttle. My wife made her regular monthly trip to Wales from Northampton in the Subaru and for the first time ever completed the trip on one tank of fuel. Outstanding! The MR2 has been transformed from a gasping asthmatic back to a hard edged engine note free revving sports car just as it was 13 years ago. What fun I’m having! I want to thank Jerry Horton at Autocentre Rushden for advising me about Terraclean. I’m a convert.”
Posted By : Tim – Rushden

1996 E36 M3 Evolution

“Well my thoughts after just having the dual product system (x2 can on each) applied to my 1996 E36 M3 Evolution which has now covered 220,000 miles. First initial response is that the engine idle has improved noticeably. In addition the throttle response is also further enhanced. The drive itself … the engine feels (bum on seat) again noticeably smoother throughout the rev range and the top end power seems to have increased. There is a very noticeable overall improvement on the running of the engine itself and although I have only covered 20 miles since the treatment it really has worked wonders for my ageing engine.”
Posted By : Stuart – Stansted


“TerraClean is a revolutionary service that ‘decokes’ your engine in less than an hour, claiming to restore lost power, improve MPG and reduce emissions. Steve Hole volunteered his BMW X5 3-litre to put these claims to the test.”
Posted By : Steve Hole

Mazda MX5

“Having watched Edd China on Wheeler Dealers TerraClean a Jaguar I contacted the company to see if they had an agent in Norwich area.”
Posted By : Kev – Norwich

Renault Espace

“After approximately 1hour of the engine being coupled to your hi tech machine I was let loose in my own vehicle to see if there was any noticeable difference, the results were staggering! There were marked improvements in throttle response, engine note, driveability, and more importantly MPG!”
Posted By : R.T Forsyth – Northumbria

Landrover Discovery 3

“I have just had my Disco 3 cleaned by the guys at Xavier garage in Hammersmith. Firstly I have to say how impressed I was by the cleanliness of their premises and the friendliness of all the staff and management. Terraclean has had an instant impact on my car with it running quieter and with more power. It feels like new and therefore to me worth the £110. This is a wonderful product and I would recommend it to my friends. I would also highly recommend Xavier garage to anyone in the London and surrounding area for Terraclean as they explain everything upfront and clearly with no hidden extras. Excellent Product.”
Posted By : Stephen – Hammersmith

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8

“Hello all at Terraclean, i’ve just had my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 V8 Terracleaned at T.J. Services in Fleet Hampshire, who were very helpful and enthusiastic for the terraclean service. I, probably like a lot of people was a little sceptical but what a difference. The car has done 85000 miles and only doing about 16 MPG its now doing approx 18.5 MPG and even better approx 22 MPG on a run. I think it woul do more but i was getting a bit enthusiastic with it, Its more responsive and doing approx 300 rpm less than it was at 70 MPH I’m really pleased and will have this done yearly.”
Posted By : Paul – Hampshire

Mercedes CLK

“I went to Dunmow Services Ltd today and had the Terraclean done on my Mercedes CLK. I was very impressed with the guys there, they were very helpful and knowledgeable and I cannot recommend them enough. As for the Terraclean, it has made a massive difference to the performance of my CLK and I am very pleased. Many thanks for putting me on to Dunmow Services Ltd, and could you please pass on my thanks for their A class service.”
Posted By : Richard Granger – Dunmow

Peugeot 307

“After taking my wife’s car for it’s mot we were disappointed to find that it failed on emissions !! I got talking to Graeme at Terraclean Blyth and he thought that a Terraclean treatment would help considerably in reducing the emissions. Now I must admit that I am always a little sceptical when these new wonder products come out but I trusted his judgement and booked the car for a treatment. A couple of hours later and my car was delivered back to me with a fresh mot in hand. It had passed with dramatic results!! Where the car had failed the Co2 test by a considerable margin it was now well below the limit. Graeme said to drive the car to see if it ‘felt’ any different and it was immediately apparent how smooth it felt compared to earlier.. Anyone who is considering trying the Terraclean treatment but is a little unsure of the benefits rest assured that it is well worth it and I would not hesitate to recommend Terraclean Blyth if you are in this area. Thanks Graeme, saved me a nightmare trying to get through the mot, don’t think it would have been possible without Terraclean.”
Posted By : Ian – Blyth

Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi

“I had a terraclean carried out by A&D Motors, Ipswich, on my Mitsubishi shogun animal 3.5L petrol, afterwards I noticed a marked improvement on responsiveness, smooth running and fuel economy, it was averaging 18.9 MPG before and now averaging 21.4 MPG and rising! Whilst carrying out the service the garage also did a health check of my vehicle finding what has been troublesome weep on a heater hose and fixed it free of charge! I couldn’t be happier with the service and product I got.”
Posted By : Aston – Ipswich

Golf 1.9 tdi

“Have just had my golf terracleaned by the diesel doctor from Chester Le Street and my first impression was it was much smoother on pick up much quieter and faster. Have wanted to get it done since I saw it on wheeler dealer and am really pleased with the results. I wasn’t expecting the difference to be apparent immediately but I got a surprise. Gonna give car a blast over weekend but I am convinced I have witnessed a brilliant product.”
Posted By : John – Chester Le Street

Honda Civic Type R

“Hi Darrell, had a demo on a Civic Type R recently and have never seen anything that does “just what it says on the tin” so well, superb !!!”
Posted By : Chris

Audi S4 V8

“Just to let you know that after the clean at monster sport Europe the car feels alot more responsive in acceleration in every gear also the car feels very smooth MPG has gone up from 21mpg to 26mpg for the same trip. I am very pleased with the results.”
Posted By : Jonathan – Milton Keynes

Range Rover 3.9 V8

“Just thought I’d give you some feedback following the the Terraclean treatment of my Range Rover V8: when I drove it after the treatment, I thought it felt much livelier but I wanted to do a few trips before passing judgment on it. Last weekend, we took it on a trip to Portland then Beaulieu, fully loaded with people and diving kit. It definitely is responding better, it’s smoother at idle, the fuel consumption on LPG has increased by around 5 mpg to 23 mpg (that’s a lot when it was doing 18 mpg before!). All in all, I’m very happy, it was well worthwhile.” Posted By : Pete

VW Passatt

“We first saw your product on the t.v advertised by Eddie China and were impressed, so after contacting you to get phone no of our local garage offering the Terraclean service. Our petrol vehicle went into A & D Motors in Ipswich, we were very impressed with the performance of our vehicle on its return and as such just had our 2 litre diesel car cleaned as well. The difference in our car was noticeable straight away, smoother, quieter and the mpg was 50 instantly wow we are very impressed with your product and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone, infact we have got petrol leaflets and diesel leaflets to pass onto to anyone who is interested having their vehicle cleaned with Terraclean. It certainly lived upto everything you said it would! Very impressed. Thank you”
Posted By : Cathryn – Ipswich

3.0 V6 Mondeo ST220

“Just finished having it done, & very happy to report back that the car, a 3.0 V6 Mondeo ST220, feels silky smooth to drive, is quieter & feels a lot more responsive!! Great bunch of lads down @ T J Services too ????”
Posted By : John – Hampshire

1994 Cavalier

xxxxxx“Thought people might be interested… My car was booked in for an MOT and TerraClean with F1 Autocentre Baslidon today. Not a Ferrari by any means, but my 1994 Cavalier with 85,000 miles on the clock gets me to the station and back. Before the test the results were as follows, CO Max 0.30% my car 1.33% FAIL HC Max 200ppm my car 998ppm FAIL Lambda 0.97-1.03 my car 0.94 FAIL After the test CO Max 0.30% my car 0.01% PASS HC Max 200ppm my car 8ppm PASS Lambda 0.97-1.03 my car 1.01 PASS Apparently the garage has only done 7 of the TerraClean procedures but each time with these outstanding results. Well worth the money and I would recommend this to anyone…”
Posted By : Stewart – Basildon


“Guys I just wanted to say thanks. Had my BMW TerraCleaned by your guy Chris at Tuna Garage near Nottingham, nice guy, nice place, and what a great result. Genuinely I did this off the back of the Ed China thing but had read a few in some BMW forums and wasn’t sure good it would be. My 6 year old is running like new, in fact like new with an upgrade! Ha.”
Posted By : Barry – Leicester

Ford KA

“Great friendly service today from Mike (Gosport) Ford KA (53 plate) my wife drove the car for the first time today (Monday) since the treatment on Saturday and said to me that it felt like it was like a new car !!! Car now running so quiet and smoothly. Thanks again for the treatment – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!”
Posted By : Christopher Gifford – Gosport

XC90 185 Sport

“Just come back from Monster-sport your dealer based in Milton Keynes. have to say great experiance due to Nicky and his staff. My XC90 185 sport D5 has come away with improved throttle responce and pulls harder and so far after a blast both calm and going for it have seen average mpg go up from 23mpg to 27mpg around town.Will be doing a long run to Devon soon so will let you know on a long journey how it performs as it 35mpg+ before. Cannot speek highley enough of Nicky and his business”
Posted By : Fabian – Milton Keynes


“I am very careful about what i have done to my Lexus. I have had pour in products in the past and never really noticed the difference. I have always thought these things had a placebo effect. I must admit that i am very impressed with your product. My readings were not bad before the service, would have passed an MOT, after the service both the CO and HC were well down, that’s by the by for me anyway, what i am really pleased about is the way it how drives, the car is 12 years old and always been a decent runner since i got it 4 years ago but now it is so much better, smoother , more responsive. Anyway Thank You.”
Posted By : Derek M

RX270 Xdi

“Requested quote on SUNDAY 8th Sept, 30mins later I was headed to ‘the hole in the wall’. Mobile unit arrived on time and carried out treatment, very professional & informative (although not Ed China). At the end of the process the engine ran much quieter, I was unable to do a road test until today 10th Sept. Today the vehicle started more lively, ran much quieter and was a great deal more responsive to the right foot – all in all well impressed. I shall have no hesitation of booking-in my ‘well loved Bora’ prior to the next MOT.”
Posted By : Eric

Subaru Legacy 2.5

“10/04/13 had my Subaru legacy 2.5 petrol Terracleaned @ milesahead motors on the 406/north circular rd. A quieter Engine. So far a more responsive throttle! A 20% gain in MPG! Total gain on a whole tank of Unleaded 66.65miles! Totally blown away by how much difference Terraclean has made. Will certainly be terracleaning my wife’s car!.”
Posted By : Dan – Palmers Green

2.7 Jaguar Diesel

“Hi. just had my 2.7 jaguar diesel terracleaned today at dunmow motor services. wow what a product and what service given by the garage. fantastic. Ive now recommended this service and this garage to the members on the jaguarforums.co.uk so yourselves and that garage can expect a significant amount of repeat business. many thanks again.”
Posted By : Brian – Dunmow

Audi A4

“Car now done. The workshop was excellent. Compliments to Nicky at the garage (Monster Sport Europe) who took his time to show me the equipment and explain the treatment. He wasnt pushy no sales talk and was very pleasant. Knew his stuff and was very confident that Terraclean works. As to the car. I noticed straight away it settled to idle better and quicker. The car I dont feel is any quicker but even though it was smooth before it nows purrs. The fuel consumption on the computer was 11.2l per 100km and after driving normally it is down to 10.5l. So a worthwhile result I would say. I have a number of friends so will pass on my positive time with Monster Sport and Terraclean. Tomorrow the car is having work done at my preffered garage so will speak there too. In the week I drive European wide transport for Continental Express in Waltham Abbey with a HGV. So will speak to the fleet manager in passing as I know they are looking at reducing fuel consumption.”
Posted By : Martin – Milton Keynes

Citroen Picasso 1.6 HDi

“We have just had our Picasso 1.6 HDi TerraCleaned at Swale MOT Centre, just over in Sittingbourne, Kent. Fantastic service there and thanks to the TC, the car passed the MOT as the emissions were too high before. Was registering 3.6 before TC and 0.7 after. Less smoke, bit more power (it is only a 1.6 diesel!!) and a distinct improvement. Brilliant garage, great service and happy with results. Nice to see TerraClean are picking quality garages to promote their product!”
Posted By : Richard – Sittingbourne

10 x Ford Transit 2.4 Tdci 2010

“Fuel figures as for 10 Ford Transit 2.4 Tdci 2010. These vehicles were terracleaned on 25/04/2013. The fleet on average were returning 25.7 mpg prior to the terraclean service. Immediately afterwards we achieved 28.4 mpg a saving of just over 10% 3 months and on average 6000 miles later we are still experiencing in excess of 28 mpg. We will be looking to have these vehicles re treated towards the end of the year to ensure these savings are maintained. I would also like to mention that the drivers have reported improved performance and reduced engine noise.”
Posted By : Mark – National

Skoda Superb

“Just to say I have had a Terraclean service and am delighted with the outcome. After 1000 miles my MPG is up by 19%, power delivery is smoother and the engine quieter. Superb!”
Posted By : James Colvin

Jaguar XK 150

“I took my 1959 Jaguar XK 150 to AutoCentre at Rushden Northants to try out the TerraClean product. The guys there were very helpful and within an hour had the the TerraClean through the engine. WHAT A DIFFERENCE !! As soon as it started I could tell there was a sweeter tick over and when I got it out on the open road the difference was amazing. Bottom end torque was smoother and more powerful. The acceleration was greatly improved and the engine seems to run quieter than before. I am in my sixties and driven many different cars and used many different products of one sort or another. TerraClean is in a league of its own. Do not waste time thinking about if you should get it done – just do it because if it can revive a 53 year old engine think what it could do to yours. A brilliant product.”
Posted By : Kenn U – Kettering

Freelander 2 Td4

“I have just had my Freelander Terracleaned at DalyEMS in Cupar and all I can say is as soon as I left the garage I noticed the difference on the smoothness and how much better it felt during acceleration. My car has done 159000 miles and now drives like I have just picked it up from the showroom. Well worth the money and hopefully will show an improvement on MPG when I get round to checking it.”
Posted By : Tam – Scotland

1985 XJS-Cabriolet 3.6

“Prior to Terra Clean My 1985 XJS-CABRIOLET 3.6 was hard to start up – Rough& lumpy Idle at start up and would run-on even when fully warmed up. Driving the car felt under powered and hesitant under acceleration.

FIX: Replaced all injectors ( 1 was bad ) also injector loom ( all from JUST XJS Breakers under £100 ) Original loom leads had cracks to sensors. Replaced Extra Air Valve & coolant temp sensor

RESULTS: Car now started with just the key ( no pumping accelerator) would warm up at 1100 rpm and settle back to 850 -900 rpm when warmed up. Driving the car still felt under powered and hesitant under acceleration.

The TerraClean Solution –

I’ve spent money on fuel additives, injector cleaners & Fuel line magnets (supposed to atomize fuel for better combustion…rubbish) Having watched Wheeler Dealers on the Discovery Channel , they used the TerraClean process on a Jaguar XK8. More hours were spent on the net checking feed back from other users of this new technology, 99% showed marked improvements to cars old & new wish. Emissions, performance and fuel economy….it didn’t matter if your car was a performance or family vehicle. this product was proving to work and was so reasonable in price for the rewards. I went to my local garage and some others, they mostly dismissed TerraClean based on them not having heard of it to those & comparing it on those “New Wonder product BLAH BLAH”……this is a NEW BRILLIANT TECHNOLOGY !!

TerraClean is a revolutionary service that ‘decokes’ your engine in less than an hour, claiming to restore lost power, improve MPG and reduce emissions.

GETTING IT DONE The car was due an MOT and I had always had problems with the emissions so all the engine fixes were with the aim to have the TerraClean solution pre testing. I used the MGF Centre in Wolverhampton. The owner Bill & Carl were very knowledgeable a real pleasure to deal with. I dropped the car off and living local they dropped me home and collected me when the car was ready. I’ve spent a couple of grand with a another garage 6 miles away and had to take taxis….enough said. On collection Carl gave me a report on pre test drive and confirmed the hesitation and lack of power. Immediately on start up the car sounded better this was confirmed when I pulled off more power instantly. The drive to the MOT I pushed on down an A road the roared down the road powerful smooth and responsive……

MOT Emissions Results Pre & Post TerraClean Co2 Pre TerraClean 4.30 vol% After TerraClean 0.041 vol% Hydro Carbon Pre TerraClean 329 ppm vol After TerraClean 102 ppm vol.”

Posted By : Simon – Wolverhampton

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 260 Euro

“My Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 failed the MOT emissions test with a co of 0.67 when the limit is to be below co 0.20. Using Wynn’s Emission Reducer poured into the fuel tank,the co reduced by over 50% to co 0.31 which was still a failure as it was above the co 0.20 limit. Had a Terraclean system clean done,and the co dropped from co 0.28 before the clean,to co 0.05 after the clean!.What a result,the car passing the MOT with emissions equalling a new car. Many Thanks.”
Posted By : Allan Thomson

Honda Accord 2009 i-DTEC ES GT

“Just had the Terraclean treatment. Spot on. IMMEDIATELY NOTICEABLE improvement in MPG, quietness at idle, quietness when driving, smoother power delivery. They say you buy the person and not the product. I’d already researched the effectiveness of Terraclean – & the guys at Merlin were friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. I will certainly be using them again. Thank you.”
Posted By : Chris Sadler

VW – Passat

“Brilliant service, had my DPF cleaned on my Passat, now runs like new, from Shepards Motor Garage yesterday. Nice, friendly and honest. Good service by Terraclean.”
Posted By : Giles Johnson

BMW 645ci

“I have a BMW 645ci and a few months ago I had a fault develop upon engine start up. The engine management system displayed a fault and I couldn’t keep the engine running, even with throttle use. Using OBDII, the fault codes P0491 and P0492 were logged. This relates to insufficient flow in the Secondary Air Injection System. The air pump then started making a noise, so I thought this was the problem. After some research I bought a new pump and two check valves. By this time it was taking two to three “starts” to keep the engine running, once the system turns off (it runs for 30 to 90 seconds) the car ran fine. The new pump was fitted and made no difference, I haven’t as yet fitted the new check valves. So it was back to the drawing board and more research. I discovered that carbon build up can block the ports on the cylinder heads, not allowing the air to get into the engine, hence a back up in pressure and the noise/engine fault. A friend suggested TerraClean to me to rid the engine of the carbon build up. So I took my car to PD Motors in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 4SD. A nice clean garage with friendly people. The owner did the TerraClean and allowed me to witness the whole process, explaining it as we went along. I drove the car home and noticed an immediate improvement, much more responsive and smooth. Time will tell if my MPG increases and the noise from the pump, which is already almost gone. Very happy with the service I received from booking with Chloe to the job being done. Highly recommended.”
Posted By : Russ Shane

Nissan & Audi

“Just had my works van Nissan Interstar and my Audi A4 (both diesels) TerraClean’d and already feel a significant change in better running and more torque through the gearbox! Also been informed that mpg will rise significantly! Lovely job Quality car service centre Granby Milton Keynes , Well worth the expense also of having both engines remapped to give me total quality driving experience! Great job!!!!!”
Posted By : Gary

Vauxhall Astra 1.7tdi 2002

“I had this TerraClean done today on my Vauxhall Astra 1.7tdi today.as soon as the car was finished and Ipulled away i could feel the difference in pulling power. i am very pleased of what they done. i found them on line. I’m so glad I found them. I will recommend them to my friends and family, well done.”
Posted By : Mr R.A. Dennis

Rover 216GSi

“I had a TerraClean at my local agent J Lawley garages in Halesowen. The car is a ’93 model Rover 216 with Honda D16 engine. I had two flat spots during acceleration up to 3,000 rpm and my fuel economy had dropped from 39mpg to about 35mpg. The flat spots made the car feel old and tired. After the Terraclean the flat spots had completely gone and the mpg economy was restored, giving 39.5mpg on a run which for a ’93 car is amazing and is probably the best economy figure I’ve ever achieved. I shall probably be pencilling in another clean as my 2 years is up – I k now I won’t see as much improvement this time, but with town driving I want to stay on top of engine coking now I know it causes these problems. Fantastic product and service and I have been recommending this to people since I had my car treated.”
Posted By : Jonathan


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