TerraClean How It Works

What is a TerraClean fuel system clean?

TerraClean revolutionised engine carbon cleaning in the UK, but the process is not fully understood by many people.

The marketplace can be a confusing one: lots of products based on old technology are still available, such as ‘pour-in’ solutions. These are cheap and readily-available but fail to provide cleaning in the important post-combustion parts of the vehicle’s fuel and exhaust system.

What follows is a simplified explanation of what TerraClean does, how it works and what it can achieve for your vehicle.

If you would prefer a more in-depth explanation, you can find one here, on the Science Behind TerraClean page.

Why do engines need to be carbon cleaned?

Petrol engines build up unwanted deposits in key areas over time. This consists of a mix of carbon build-up in some places, and sticky substances called tars, gums and varnishes in other areas.

These substances have a negative effect on your engine’s efficiency, reducing MPG and power, and increasing emissions.

TerraClean can remove most of these deposits, leaving your vehicles running closer to its optimum level once more.

What about diesel engines?

The patented TerraClean technology used for diesel engines is slightly different, but the principles are the same.

The patented TerraClean technology used for diesel engines is slightly different, but the principles are the same.

The TerraClean system will also clean through both Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems and Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs), where fitted, providing there is adequate air flow.

Where there is severely restricted flow there are very specific EGR cleaning and DPF cleaning services available within the TerraClean family of solutions to address those problems.

The TerraClean end result.

The end result of a TerraClean is that the vital parts of your vehicle’s fuel system will be cleaner: the combustion chambers, exhaust, cats and lambda sensors.

Your engine will be more efficient, have better throttle response, run more smoothly and quietly and have improved emissions and mpg.

You can read more about the specific benefits of TerraClean via the following links:

Want a more in-depth explanation behind our patented carbon cleaning technology? Discover the science of TerraClean.

Note that results vary according to your vehicle’s age, mileage, make and model.

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