TerraClean Induction Cleaning

As well as its now very well known preventative maintenance fuel system cleaning service, most TerraClean dealers can offer additional services to help reach the parts of an engine that other carbon cleaning services simply cannot reach.

One of those is our induction cleaning service.

What is an induction clean?

Direct injection engines are particularly susceptible to carbon build-up on the backs of the intake valves.

These valves are not cleaned during a conventional TerraClean fuel system service and require a separate clean, through the induction system.

More vehicles than ever have direct injection engines, so there is a greater need to service the intake valves separately.

How does a TerraClean induction clean work?

The TerraClean Pressurised Induction Tool provides an effective induction service on direct or conventional fuel injected engines.

After filling the tool’s cylinder with a specially-created TerraClean Intake Valve and Deposit Cleaner, it is pressurised.

The equipment’s S-Tool attachment is placed directly inside the intake and a fine spray of cleaner is introduced into the system.

The intake valve deposit cleaner is sprayed onto the valves, ensuring that they are cleaned of the hard carbon deposits that affect combustion.

Alternatively, using a vacuum line attachment, the tool can be connected through a vacuum line, allowing for a faster introduction of the chemical into the air intake.

This is an increasingly popular additional service for many owners of petrol-engined vehicles who want to clean an otherwise inaccessible area of the fuel system.

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