Reduce Engine Emissions

The unique TerraClean advanced cleaning service removes most deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions, for a cleaner greener drive

• Emissions are a key focus for many motorists these days and progressive MOT changes are placing greater emphasis upon owners to ensure their vehicles emit less harmful emissions. Also many owners are keen to keep their carbon footprint low in this era where emissions are considered a very important part of being a responsible vehicle owner.

• The TerraClean service, available from our 500+ Authorised Service Centres, can help your vehicle achieve these requirements & objectives, the preventative maintenance service is available from all of our centres and most also have the DPF cleaning system to help when the vehicle’s own system for trapping harmful emissions becomes blocked.

• We are regularly asked how the preventative maintenance system achieves these goals and what our centers actually do. They disconnect your engine from your fuel tank, our TerraClean machine is connected to the engine which we run on our TerraClean fluids which are simply highly refined fuel. This fuel is very rich in additives which perform the cleaning process, they clean both pre and post combustion removing; gums varnishes and carbon deposits from the injectors, this restores the spray pattern and allows the fuel to atomise better. Then once the fuel has burned the additives turn into gasses which oxygenate the carbon in combustion chambers, turbo, cat and DPF, this allows the carbon to burn at much lower temperatures and it exits the exhaust as carbon dioxide. The end result is improved engine efficiency, this amongst other things leads to improvements in emissions.

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