Restore Engine Performance

Removal of carbon deposits significantly improves overall vehicle engine performance with improved drivability

• The build-up of carbon and the residue left by fuel additives will reduce your engine performance over time. Therefore your BHP and all important torque will reduce.

• We all know that good servicing, use of correct oil and a decent fuel will help keep your engine in good condition, but even applying best practice all internal combustion engines suffer reduced power from carbon and other contaminants.

• A preventative maintenance TerraClean service, carried out by one of our 500+ trained UK service centres & technicians will help your car regain much of that lost performance. 

• In our gallery you will see samples showing before & after dyno runs demonstrating the impact of the service.

• A cleaner system will result in:
Smoother Idle – by increasing Lambda efficiency
Quieter running – by cleaning NOX sensors.

• Experience a drive away difference with a TerraClean Service.

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