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VW Touran

"I have a 2005 VW Touran 1.9 TDI, I got it Terra Cleaned about a month ago with 156, 000 miles on the clock, my car was running great before the clean and it's even better now, more responsive and better mpg, I had never heard of this Terra Clean before and came accross it here on facebook but would recommend it. My car was done at Elite M.O.T. Service and Repair in Wishaw, staff were friendly, and a guy called TONY let me watch the job being done, even lent me a car to nip to the shops for juice as it was a scorching day, thanks Tony, great staff and workmanship."

Posted By:

Eddie Finnon

2007 Ssangyong rexton 2.7

"used Luke a mobile technician from Wakefield, came to Keighley to where I work, very impressed with the results,engine runs quieter MPG has improved by a couple of miles and smoother acceleration plus quicker and smoother gear changes(auto box)would recommend this service if you have a 50000 + mileage motor"

Posted By:

Peter Rowley

Mercedes E200 Kompressor Auto Saloon. 2002.

"Seen this process on Wheeler Dealers and wondered if it was any good. My Mercedes E200 Auto has always been awkward and lumpy when I reverse to park on the hill outside my house. I normally got around 20 mpg around town in traffic averaging around 20 mph and very stop start due to number of traffic lights. I had the local Terraclean Agent have a session with my car. Afterwards, the difference in response smoothness of acceleration and changing through the gears was AMAZING. There is a definite 20 - 25% improvement in Fuel Consumption with the around town consumption from 20mpg to 23-25mpg and on a faster A Road from 28 -30mpg to 32 - 34mpg. At this rate - it will pay for itself in less than 5 -6 months. Can THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND this process and would think it would benefit older cars that spend most of the time in slow moving traffic. A definite help for cars the fail the MOT on fuel emissions."

Posted By:


Ford Galaxy mk3 TDCI

"I had an engine light come on and was told that one of the sensors had failed. I ignored it until the dreaded limp mode happened. Blast it...my DPF was blocked!! Scared by the cost of replacements tried the Terraclean service at JPS in Saffron Walden. That was almost 18 months ago, and my 2010 Ford Galaxy is still free of DPF issues thanks to. Terraclean. Of only more people knew about it."

Posted By:

Jason Stinton

"I had my 2005 BMW 530i cleaned using Terraclean in March this year, as I noticed the MOT emmisions were showing that the HC content was running at 164ppm and the limit is 200ppm. The car had done 134,000 miles and was running ok but fuel consumption was not as good as it used to be. After the clean the performance expecially at low revs was much better with noticably more torque. The engine is much quieter and smoother. The HC value was crushed and it is now down to 13ppm! The CO level also dropped by 30%. The fuel consumption is much better and is 3 to 5 mpg better than it was. I would highly recommend Terraclean to anyone as it really works. "

Posted By:

Dennis Staines

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