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2006 Subaru Impreza WRX

"This is the second time I've had this car Terracleaned. The first time was just to keep it healthy after purchasing it with 35k on the clock, but 5 years and 50k later it failed emissions with a CO reading of 2.86 (max limit is 0.20)! The Lambda reading also failed, although the HC wasn't bad. Oh dear. The dealership advised a new lambda sensor or a new cat (both hideously expensive), so instead I got on the blower to Andy at Lakes Window Tints in Kendal for another Terraclean. Not only did it sail through emissions with 0.18 CO, but it instantly felt more powerful, more responsive and smoother through the rev range. Can't recommend enough!"

Posted By:

Mr A Jackson

VW - Passat

"Brilliant service , had my DPF cleaned on my passat runs like new , from shepards motor garage yesterday nice & friendly & honest good serice by Terreclean "

Posted By:

Giles Johnson

BMW 645ci

"I have a BMW 645ci and a few months ago I had a fault develop upon engine start up. The engine management system displayed a fault and I couldn't keep the engine running, even with throttle use. Using OBDII, the fault codes P0491 and P0492 were logged. This relates to insufficient flow in the Secondary Air Injection System. The air pump then started making a noise, so I thought this was the problem. After some research I bought a new pump and two check valves. By this time it was taking two to three "starts" to keep the engine running, once the system turns off (it runs for 30 to 90 seconds) the car ran fine. The new pump was fitted and made no difference, I haven't as yet fitted the new check valves. So it was back to the drawing board and more research. I discovered that carbon build up can block the ports on the cylinder heads, not allowing the air to get into the engine, hence a back up in pressure and the noise/engine fault. A friend suggested Terraclean to me to rid the engine of the carbon build up. So I took my car to PD Motors in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 4SD. A nice clean garage with friendly people. The owner did the Terraclean and allowed me to witness the whole process, explaining it as we went along. I drove the car home and noticed an immediate improvement, much more responsive and smooth. Time will tell if my MPG increases and the noise from the pump, which is already almost gone. Very happy with the service I received from booking with Chloe to the job being done. Highly recommended."

Posted By:

Russ Shane

"Just had my works van nissan interstar and my Audi A4 (both diesels) Terracleaned and already feal a significant change in better running and more torque through the gearbox ! Also been informed that mpg will rise significantly ! Lovely job Quality car service centre Granby Milton Keynes , Well worth the expense also of having both engines remapped to give me total quality driving experience ! Great job !!!!!"

Posted By:


vauxhall astra 1.7tdi 2002

"i had this terraclean done today on my Vauxhall astra 1.7tdi today.as soon as the car was finished and i pulled away i could feel the difference in pulling power. i am very pleased of what they done. i found them on line. I'm so glad i found them. i will recommend them to my friends and family.well done "

Posted By:

mr r.a.dennis

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