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Should the MOT be scrapped? Here's what you said.

by Mark Clennell News

On a recent blog we asked whether you thought the MOT test should be scrapped. It prompted some outstanding debate on our Facebook page It’s definitely a hot topic and we were delighted with the response we got – thanks to everyone who took the time to give us their opinions. Many of you were against the MOT test being scrapped. Here’s what you had to say on the matter: “Yeah absolutely should be kept. Sometimes it’s the only maintenance a vehicle gets. People’s driving and attitude to vehicle maintenance is poor as it is.” Benjamin S. “Should not ban, but all MOT stations should be state owned so no profit incentives for unscrupulous garages. If you can get your vehicle to a Government testing station best use it. There are a few out there.” Alan H. “Of course it shouldn't. You'd have people driving round with brakes into the metal and bald tyres etc.” Rob S. “The MOT has a value in keeping unroadworthy vehicles under control but as modern technology has greatly improved the quality of new vehicles, perhaps extending the test from three to four years would be in order. My current vehicle is fifteen years of age. Scrapping the MOT would lead to the closure of untold MOT garages along with the resultant loss of jobs.” Bill S. “If a car fails its MOT test the owner should be allowed to take it to nearest garage of their choice without penalty.” Bill B. “Get a 1978 car or bike, you can say goodbye to the MOT and road tax!” Richard L. “I think we should keep the MOT. You’ve just got to look at some of the vehicle failure vids on Facebook to see why. As some has already said the test price is a rip off.” Alan M. “I’m not knocking the MOT as such; I would not want to be in a car that hasn't been MOT'd, but some of these new changes are a bit ridiculous.” Jeff L. “I MOT class 4 vehicles and have to say that without the MOT, people would miss so many safety critical items. “I see cars for their first MOT and they fail on a broken spring! Or tyres below the legal limit, etc. It’s better me seeing those tyres than the local police! Also, I give my customers a free re test even if they have the work done elsewhere. “But without that MOT there could be more dangerous & unsafe vehicles on the road!” Andrew J. There weren’t many who believed the MOT test should be scrapped, but plenty believe there is still a lot of room for improvement: “With today’s cars being built safer and more reliable mots should be 5 years for a new car or 50,000 miles.” Geraint R. “Once every 2 years is more than enough. I have in the past taken cars to 1 test centre and failed then onto another and passed. It's all recorded electronically now but more and more items are crawling into the test thanks to the EU. Only honest people like us who take them every year are getting clobbered. The ones who don't care or don't take them get away scot-free.” John W. “Could change MOT for a compulsory annual full service should cover all safety items.” Philip W. Remember, if you’re ever worried about your vehicle’s emission levels, or if you have failed your MOT test on emissions, TerraClean may be able to help. Speak to your local dealer – pop your postcode in the search bar above to find them – before you pay out for costly replacement parts.


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