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Welcome to the new TerraClean website

by Mark Clennell Information

Welcome to the new TerraClean website, which is more user-friendly and accessible than ever before.

With the new TerraClean website the big news is that we have made it easier than ever to find your nearest TerraClean dealer. We were aware that asking for a phone number, email and postcode was a big ask for people who just wanted to get contact details, so we have removed this requirement. You can now find a dealer from our network of 500 simply by entering a postcode. If you want to then request a call back, you have the option to enter your details and one of our specialists will be in touch. As TerraClean has grown, and as the number of services we are offering has developed, we have also become aware of the need to tailor what we are saying to people as they arrive at the site. We attract lots of different people from different places, from car enthusiasts who want to use TerraClean for preventative maintenance, to people who work in the automotive trade. We also have people who know they have a fault with their car, such as a blocked EGR valve or DPF, and who are looking for viable alternatives to paying for expensive new parts. We are therefore also changing the way the website synchronises with our social media channels. You may have noticed we’ve been more active on Facebook recently and now, if you’re arriving at our site after clicking one of our adverts, you’ll be greeted with far more relevant information, depending on what you’re searching for. It will make the site much more user-friendly and will help people to find the information they’re looking for. Finally, we are working on improving the profiles and presence of all of our licensed dealers on the site – this is a work in progress, but they will all be given their own pages, with their logos, contact details and any specific information about their services. We hope you like it – please feel free to have a browse and, as always, you know where to find us if you have any questions about TerraClean.



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