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Why getting a pre-MOT check for your car could become standard practice

by Mark Clennell News

Stricter MOT rules introduced in May 2018 are already causing problems for motorists – including leaving some stranded until they can get major issues fixed on their vehicle. The problem has arisen because a new ‘dangerous’ fault category has been added to the MOT tests. If a dangerous fault is detected on your car,  such as – “Tyre tread depth below requirement of 1.6mm” – then you are not allowed to drive it away to get it fixed. You can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT because of a ‘dangerous’ problem. This restricts the choice about where and when to get the vehicle repaired. The answer might be to get a 'pre-MOT check' to ensure your vehicle meets the standards.

What has changed with the MOT?

If your car failed under the old MOT system, depending on the garage, you would be given a window of opportunity to get the required repairs done to your car, and usually receive a free re-test. This was typically around 10-14 days, as long as your existing MOT didn’t expire in the meantime. This was to give you time to get the car fixed – as well as shopping around to find the best value repairs and parts if needed. But now, due to the more stringent checks – and the new ‘graded’ system of fault notices which includes ‘dangerous’ faults – drivers could be left without a vehicle until the faults are repaired. Drivers will also have little option but to get the car repaired by the garage that has carried out the MOT, unless they can move it without having it driven. If you happen to have taken the car to, for example, a main dealer for its MOT, that could become very expensive, very quickly.

Are there any positives to the new system?

The aim is to ensure there are no dangerous vehicles on our roads. Although it’s inconvenient, it’s a measure that we should welcome.

What’s the solution? A pre MOT check!

To reduce the chance of failing an MOT, we recommend getting a ‘pre-MOT health-check’ for your car – and we believe this will become an increasingly popular approach as more drivers find their cars on the wrong side of a ‘dangerous’ MOT failure. You don’t need to take your car to an approved MOT station, either – any reputable car mechanic will be able to guide you on what your car is likely to fail. Doing this will make the MOT test go by much more smoothly and with much reduced risk of being left without a vehicle.

What about emissions?

You can get emissions checks done in advance too. Failing an MOT on emissions causes people concern because of the sheer number of things that can contribute to a high emissions reading. It’s better to identify the fault in advance rather than discover it at MOT time. If you are concerned about passing an MOT test and want a pre-MOT check to make sure you won't fall foul of the new laws, then speak to a TerraClean dealer. They don't all offer MOT testing, but they can all give you an expert view on your vehicle's safety in critical areas. Find your nearest dealer via the postcode finder at the bottom of the page.

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