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Why TerraClean is suitable For Every Driver

by Mark Clennell News

Is TerraClean suitable for my engine?

At TerraClean, we are often asked by drivers if our products are suitable for them. Although TerraClean’s products are technical, patented and developed around automotive professionals – and the various TerraClean services can only be performed by one of our own trained technicians from the network of over 500 UK dealers – it is not for a niche audience. In fact, TerraClean can deliver benefits for drivers of all kinds, from all walks of life, with a host of different driving styles and with virtually any car*. To help get the message across, we are launching the #ForEveryDriver campaign. In this blog we’ve created a few examples of the types of drivers who could benefit from TerraClean. Of course, you can always check out our testimonials, or our reviews on Facebook. In amongst the people who knew how it would help are lots who were left pleasantly surprised by the results. The thing is, TerraClean can be of benefit #ForEveryDriver (if they drive a vehicle with a combustion engine, of course!) These are just a few examples – keep an eye on our Facebook feed over the coming weeks for more examples of drivers whose vehicles could potentially benefit from a TerraClean!

The Motorway Muncher

In his job as regional sales rep, the Motorway Muncher does in the region of 40,000 miles a year. Those frequent long journeys mean his DPF is unlikely to get blocked, but he does run up a huge fuel bill. He might not pay for his own diesel, but his company does, and the idea of increasing his car’s efficiency would be of a lot of interest to his fleet manager or finance director. Preferred vehicle: a 3- or 4-series BMW. How TerraClean can help: better MPG.

The Family Tourer

The Family Tourer drives a 10-year-old estate car, complete with roof box. The car is typically used for short journeys except for twice a year when the boot, & the ever-present roof box, gets loaded to the brim for the family trip to Europe. The Family Tourer is socially-responsible, and worries about the air their kids breathe, but can’t make the switch to electric just yet because of those occasional thousand-mile trips. Preferred vehicle: Diesel estate - Mercedes C-Class, Toyota Avensis, etc, with roof box and dog guard. How TerraClean can help: better MPG, reduced emissions, DPF cleaning, and we will tell him to remove the roof box between uses!

The School Runner

The School Runner mainly use their cars for short hops to collect the kids from school. Their vehicles are a real mix, from small hatchbacks to SUVs. However, TerraClean may be able to help because, like lots of people, the School Runner was convinced to buy a diesel because of the better MPG they can achieve, not realising that diesels really need to be taken on semi-frequent longer journeys to help prevent the DPF from becoming blocked. Preferred vehicle: Anything with enough room for the kids! How TerraClean can help: DPF cleaning.

The Environmentalist

The Environmentalist is proud to do their bit. They were the first on their estate to own a hybrid – and they’ve kept it running for years because new cars have a significant carbon footprint. Sadly, they didn’t realise that hybrid engines can be inherently prone to unwanted carbon build-up. Now the Prius doesn’t quite get the MPG it once did – but TerraClean can help. Preferred vehicle: A cherished Toyota Prius. How TerraClean can help: Reducing carbon deposits and improving performance. Better MPG.

The Taxi Driver

This taxi driver is self-employed and runs his own vehicle. That means it’s a 15-year old diesel Mercedes with enough miles on the clock to get to the moon and back. Also the car sits around idling for hours on end every week which will lead to DPF blockages. Fortunately, the car is still going strong thanks to the driver’s annual TerraClean as part of his routine service schedule. It helps keep the MPG as high as possible, too. Preferred vehicle: Mercedes S350 or a well-worn black cab. How TerraClean can help: Better MPG. Preventative maintenance & DPF cleaning if required.   * TerraClean works on most combustion engines and hybrid vehicles. Results may vary according to make, model, age and mileage of vehicle. Get in touch with your nearest TerraClean dealer below for more information and to find out if and how they can help.


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